« The hound some praise and some the Hawk:
Some better pleased with private sport, Use tennis some a Mistress court:
But these delights I neither wish Nor envy while I freely fish. »

William Andrew Chatto, The Angler’s Souvenir, 1845

Angling & Fishery

in  Books & Prints  of  the  18th & 19th  Centuries


P. Fisher, Angler's Souvenir (Pike)

P(etrus). Fisher (= William Andrew Chatto). The Angler’s Souvenir. Assisted by several eminent Piscatory Characters. With

31  copperplates

by Henry Beckwith and Francis William Topham. London, Henry G. Bohn, 1845. Sm. 8vo. Engraved title, X, 192 pp. Contemp. dark blue calf by Hersant on 4 raised bands with spine label and richly gilt compartments, double gilt fillets with corner fleurons and blind fillet, gilt leading edges, blind inner dentelle, and marbled fly leaves. Gilt edges. (Hersant.)

BMC LXXIII, 702 (ed. 1835); Westwood, p. 93; Heckscher 724. – Not in Schwerdt, who, however, owned Chatto’s (Newcastle-on-Tyne 1799 – London 1864) song The Old English Squire (I, 70) published under another pseudonym and set to music by Daniel Blake. – A new edition with the practical matter omitted was published 1877.

Print of the first edition of 1835 with the publisher and date changed on the engraved title only while retaining the original dedication “London, Charles Tilt, 86 Fleet Street August 1. 1835” and date of the preface “14th Aug. 1835”:

“ The  copies  issued  by  Bohn  are  of  the  first  impression ,

with  Mr. Bohn’s  name  in  place  of  Tilt’s , on  the  engraved  title-page ”

(Westwood). – With rich varying borders in wood engraving. – Besides an angling scenery the plates mostly show fish, utensils, and flies. – The plates foxed only a little to not at all except for a few, i. a. title and dedication, affected more. The text, printed on especially strong paper, only quite slightly touched on pages vis-à-vis of plates. Irrespective of the paled spine and the front cover discolored to green-blue, with the back cover still almost completely blue, the binding is unalteredly attractive. – Fine item. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 12,545 / EUR  660. / export price EUR  627. (c. US$ 758.) + shipping

State-in-Progress  unknown  to  Literature

with  the  Two  Anglers

before  Completion  of  the  Second  State

Hermanus van Brussel (Haarlem 1763 – Utrecht 1815). The Landscape with the Two Anglers at the Water. In rich pasture landscape with steeple in the distance of the far bank. Etching. About 1805. Inscribed above left: 3. 5¼ × 8⅛ in (13.5 × 20.5 cm).

Sliggers 15, (before ?) II; Nagler 14. – Trimmed to or within platemark. – Above left tiny corner injury in the free field of the subject lining and generally slightly age-marked on the subject side and verso, and thereby less relevant, throughout age-stained resp. and with three old mounting spots.

Hermanus van Brussel, Landscape with the Two Anglers

Very  fine  impression  of  the  charming  sheet ,

compared with the copy of the second state in the British Museum (1856,0712.241) still showing white spots in the foliage of the left tree and likely still more delicate in the etching of the sky. However, foremost in present sheet a single large black bush right below the top

–  as  supposedly  still  belonging  to  the  first  state  –

still commands the otherwise grass-grown hillock in the center of the subject. In the London copy this already is reduced distinctively and supplemented by two more bushes on top and left slope, just as they are, irrespective of further modifications, also in the third, final state (cf. ills. Sliggers 15, III, and BM 1856,1213.86). Otherwise without the two resting figures of the first state right of the left tree, yet

with  the  two  anglers

on the bank in the subject center as well as the three additional birds and the executed sky as according to Sliggers the marks of the second state. In such a way a

desirable  undescribed  state-in-progress

enriching  the  series  of  the  graphic  œuvre’s  unica .

See the complete description.

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David Teniers, Fisherman (L'Eau)

L´EAU  —  The  Water

The  Fisherman  with  the  Big  Fish

Teniers II, David (1610 Antwerp 1690). The Four Elements in Large Figures. Set of 4 sheet in engraving at Johann Georg Hertel I (1760 still alive) or II in Augsburg. Inscribed: D. Teniers, pinx. / (publishing no.) 37 / Ioh. Georg Hertel, exc. Aug. V(ind[el].) / 1. (to 4.), as well as the sheet’s title along with quatrain. C. 8⅝ × 5¾ in (22 × 14.7 cm).

Not in Schwerdt, who owned solely the falconer sheet (L’Air) from Gaetano Testolini’s (flourishing in Paris & London about 1760 – after 1818) set of equal-sized engravings in reverse which, however, lacks the verses (Schwerdt III, 170). – Characterizing water – L’EAU – and complemented on both sides by small reset groups of four fishermen hauling in the net and three emptying the basket resp. the

fisherman  pulling  the  big  fish  behind

à  la  Tobias  with  the  Angel .

The further elements represented by the falconer with the hooded falcon on his right hand (L’AIR – The Air) , the two blacksmiths at forge & anvil (LE FEU – The Fire) as well as the peasant with spade together with, laterally set back smaller, two men cutting down grain with sickles and a woman working on the ground (LA TERRE – The Earth).

As supposed pirate copy after Jacques-Philippe Le Bas’s (1707 – Paris 1783; Le Blanc 138-141; IFF 352-355) likewise equal-sized set of engravings in reverse again in same direction as Teniers. – The white margins above & below c. 8-8.5 , laterally c. 4-4.5 cm wide. In the white upper margin of the falconer sheet isolated quite feeble little spots, with the peasant sheet faint grey spot in the right white margin as well as backed little tear. – See the complete description.

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Oyster Culture on Santa Lucia in Naples. The family taking in the numerous baskets. On the far shore the Vesuvius. Wood engraving after Ludwig Dill (Gernsbach, Baden, 1848 – Karlsruhe 1940) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1876.) 7⅛ × 3-4¾ in (18 × 7.5-12 cm). – Concluded text in German on both sides “The never aging Parthenope”.

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Abraham Bosse, Oyster Vendor

Oysters , allow  yourself  Oysters

Abraham Bosse (Tours 1602 – Paris 1676). The Oyster Vendor as Street Trade. Etching for Le Blond. C. 1640-50. Inscribed: ABosse jnuen et fc. / le Blond excud auec Priuilege. 8⅝ × 5⅝ in (21.9 × 14.4 cm).

Beall F 5; Lipperheide Fd 1; Allgemeines Künstler-Lex. XIII, 205. – LES CRIS DE PARIS. – French quatrain in the lower margin. – Especially in the wide white paper-margin slightly tidemarked, in the corners traces of previous mounting. – Watermark Bunch of Grapes. – Otherwise

early  impression  qualified

by  fine  plate  tone & not  yet  erased  text  lines .

See the complete description.

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The  Wealth  of  Information  in  a  Fine  Library  Copy

The Sportsman’s Dictionary; containing Instructions for various methods to be observed in riding, hunting, fowling, setting, fishing, racing, farriery, hawking, breeding and feeding horses for the road and turf; the management of dogs, game and dunghill-cocks, turkeys, geese, ducks … and the manner of curing their various diseases and accidents. Improved and enlarged by Henry James Pye. 5th ed. With

17  copperplates.

London, John Stockdale, 1807. 4to. VII, 547 pp. Fine dark-brown h. leather on 5 ribs with ruby red covers, broad leather corners, red back-plate, gilt and blind stamped lines, and colored fly leaves. Brown edges.

Sportsman's Dictionary

Souhart 389 f. – Mr. Schwerdt possessed only three editions of different volume and size from 1735-1778 differingly titled “The Sportsman’s Dictionary; or, the (Country) Gentleman’s Companion, in all Rural Recreations” and “for Town and Country” (II, 220 f.) resp. But also the edition offered here not unknown to him: “Pye (H. J.) also re-issued ‘The Sportsman’s Directory’, 1807” (II, 118). The frontispiece – a white horse before the stable held by a groom and marked with 45 numbers for his body areas.

The plates instructively illustrating angling – bird-catching & hunting and all kinds of nets , baskets & weir-baskets for fishing , small game & wolf hunting .

Two names on the fly leaves. – The frontispiece a little waterstained but hardly impairing the picture itself. Only quite weakly waterstained also four plates, but only on two of which reaching also into the picture. A few plates and pages slightly or a little more foxed. A discoulering impairing frontispiece and the little browned title below up to maximal 2⅜ × 4 in (6 × 10 cm) touching also the extreme outer margin of the following c. 20 ll. – One repaired tear. – The somewhat rubbed front cover with a small retouched missing place. Otherwise almost impeccable copy. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 13,139 / EUR  765. / export price EUR  727. (c. US$ 879.) + shipping

“ The  coloured  lithographs  are  good ”

Three  of  which  allotted  to  fish  as  are  83  pages  of  the  text

W(illiam). Ross King. The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada, or Notes on the natural history of the game, game birds, and fish of that country. With

6  chromolithographs

by W. L. Walton for Hanhart and 13 wood engravings. London, Hurst & Blackett, 1866. Large 8vo. XVI pp., errata slip, 1 l., 334 pp. Richly gilt green orig. cloth. Uncut.

Ross King, Masq. Allongé

Schwerdt I, 284; Sabin 37857; Westwood p. 127. – Not in Nissen, Souhart & Staton/Tr. –  First  edition. – Title, contents, and chapter contents in red and black, section headlines in red. – A few isolated tiny mould stains, one plate foxed verso. Leading edges and capitals slightly rubbed. Otherwise fresh and with wide margins. – With two hunting ex-libris. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 11,777 / EUR  404. / export price EUR  384. (c. US$ 464.) + shipping

Fine  Fishing  Book

Benedict-Henry Revoil. Pêches dans l'Amérique du nord

in  Practically  Dewy  Copy

Benedict-Henry Revoil. Pêches dans l’Amérique du nord. New ed. With

19  woodcut  plates

and 40 text ills. after Jean Eduard Dargent (called Yan’Dargent, Saint-Servais 1824 – Paris 1899). Tours, A. Mame et fils, 1870. 374 pp., 1 l. Contemp. blue h. cloth.

Compare with Howes R 228 and Souhart 402. The latter knows only the original version Chasses et Pêche dans l’autre monde, publ. Paris 1856, and 3 following editions, resp. 1869 and 1873, all at Mame, titled Chasses dans l’Amérique du nord. The edition here probably the first separate edition of the originally 2nd part. Revoil gained his prestige especially as the founder of the famous Chasse Illustrée. – Fine item in an impeccable copy. – See the complete description.

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Carel Lodewijk Dake, Fishermen on the Beach

Carel Lodewijk Dake (1857 Amsterdam 1918). Fishermen on the beach with their horse carriages, working in the shallow water. Behind in the surf flat-bottom ships. Etching after J. Mann printed in brown. After 1886. Inscribed in writing: Carel L. Dake aq as well as in the plate: Carel L Dake aqf / J Mann. 12⅜ × 14¾ in (31.4 × 37.5 cm).

Remarque proof on Japanese vellum. – Lower right in the wide platemark portrait study of a young woman from front and an older one to the left.

“ D. paints genre and figure pieces, later turns, however, predominantly to the etching and also works after other designs, i. a. after Jane M. Dealy. D. has numerous pupils ”

(Uta Römer, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon XXIII, 1999, p. 471). – See the complete description.

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Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). (The Otter have 3-4 Young Ones; get the ability to breed in the next year; growing up larger and larger.) The two old and three young ones instructively engaged by a grotto and a waterfall. Etching & engraving. (1736.) Inscribed in the plate: Cum Priv. Sac. Cæs. Majest. / I. El. Ridinger invent. delin. sculps. et excud. Aug. Vindel., otherwise in German/French/Latin as before. 13⅝ × 16¾ in (34.7 × 42.5 cm).

Johann Elias Ridinger, Otter

Thienemann & Schwarz 223. – Sheet 28 of the “View of the Wild Animals along with the Excellent Poetry of the Most Famous Mr. Barthold Heinrich Brockes” as rich caption in German. – The beautiful sheet in a very fine, warm-toned impression with fine little margins all around. – Quite weak brown spot in the outermost corner of the white margin below right.

Offer no. 28,230 / EUR  757. / export price EUR  719. (c. US$ 869.) + shipping

– – – The same, but with margins on three sides 3.7-4.2, below 2.7 cm more wide-margined and of shining-marvelous quality & therefore rarity. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,400 / EUR  690. / export price EUR  656. (c. US$ 793.) + shipping

William Hogarth (1697 London 1764). Two Anglers by a river. Round about decoration of all kind. Engraving by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818), united with his son. 1808. 6½ × 5½ in (16.6 × 14 cm).

Frontispiece to “Kerby”. – Cook’s smaller version without Hogarth’s interpretation of his intention: to show the result of non-observance of perspective. – Trimmed within the wide white platemark. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 8,987 / EUR  81. (c. US$ 98.) + shipping

Franz Edmund Weirotter (Innsbruck 1733 – Vienna 1771). Fishermen in their boat. In the middle distance remains of an ancient bridge as well as of fortifications. Etching. 2⅜ × 2⅞ in (5.9 × 7.3 cm).

Supposedly from Nagler 8, the 24-sheet “Fifth Suite of Varied Regions of Old Buildings”, dedicated to Maria Christina, royal princess of Hungary and Bohemia, archduchess of Austria and married duchess of Saxony-Teschen. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,109 / EUR  79. (c. US$ 96.) + shipping

John Augustus Atkinson (London 1775 – after 1818/33 or even 1861). Russian Winter Fishery. Three fishermen setting up the weir-baskets at the frozen bank. On the left a wind shield. Aquatint by Southerland (supposedly Thomas Sutherland, c. 1785 – after 1825) in the original coloring. Inscribed: Atkinson Del. / Published & Sold June 4th. 1813, by Edwd. Orme, Bond St London. / Southerland Sculpt., otherwise as above. 7⅛ × 9¼ in (18.2 × 23.4 cm).

John Augustus Atkinson, Russian Winter Fishery

Tooley 225, 10; Thieme-Becker II, 212; Nagler I, 179 f. ( “excellent English painter and draughtsman living in Russia for a long time who worked wonderful pictures” ). – From the 1819 2nd edition of FOREIGN FIELD SPORTS , Schwerdt I (1928), 177 ff.: “The coloured plates … are fine, both as regards draughtsmanship and colouring … (The book) is sure to increase in value … ”. – A tear extending just into the outer rim of the picture repaired by strengthening of the upper margin. – See the complete description.

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Only  Light  Penalties  for  Fish  Thieves

Publicandum (by the Royal Electoral Marchian War and Domain Chamber) On behalf of punishing the fish and especially carp thefts from the carp ponds, and the connected reservoirs and canals, belonging to the authority of Cottbus. Given Berlin June 6, 1797. (Berlin,) Georg Decker, (1797). In-2 (13½ × 8⅛ in [34.2 × 20.6 cm]). 4 unnum. pp. on 1 double leaf. Uncut.

Fish + Carp Theft in the District of Cottbus

Typographic watermark. – With title and large starting landscape vignette (2⅜ × 5⅛ in [6 × 13 cm]). – Stating in six items comparably light penalties as against game poaching, but an increase of penalty in case of repetition and aggrevating circumstances based on the General Common Law:

“ … that the fish and specially carp thefts from the ponds belonging to the district Cottbus … by malicious and wanton people are still conducted heavily, and by this both His Royal Majesty supreme interest as the privilege of the general leaseholder of the district Cottbus are infringed. Royal command wants that this mischief shall be punished according to the whole strictness of the laws … with no difference of the person of the delinquents and their other jurisdiction. ”

See the complete description.

Offer no. 12,240 / EUR  187. (c. US$ 226.) + shipping

Nile – Heterotis nilotica H(emprich) & E(hrenberg). The Westafrican Arowana from the group of the bony-tongues together with 3 small details. Colored engraving by Friedrich Wilhelm Linger (1787 Berlin 1848) after Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg. Inscribed: ad Nat. del. C: G: Ehrenberg. / F. W. Linger jun. sculp. Berlin 1827., otherwise as above. 13½ × 18¾ in (34.4 × 47.6 cm).

ZOOLOGICA I PISCES I. – From Ehrenberg’s (“belongs to the most important naturalists of the century”, ADB) Symbolæ physicæ devoted North Africa & West Asia. – Typographic watermark H. Oeser in Basel. – On wove paper uncut on 3 sides. – Some slight foxing spots in the white outer part. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 12,266 / EUR  166. (c. US$ 201.) + shipping

Red Sea – Fish, Eight Species of, in natural size and numerous partly enlarged details. Colored stipple engraving by August Friedrich Schmidt (I or II), Berlin, after Finzi, 4 of which transferred by Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg. (1828/29.) Inscribed: I. II. VII. VIII Dr. Ehrenberg reliqua Finzi ad viv. pinxerunt. / Schmidt sculpsit. 16¼ × 11⅛ in (41.3 × 28.2 cm).

ZOOLOGICA I PISCES IX, otherwise as before, but impeccably fresh. – Omobranchus fasciolatus / Salarias ornatus / Blennius Dama / Gobius pavonimus / Cryptocentrus fasciatus / Oplopomus pulcher / Priolepis auriga / Priolepis mica . – See the complete description.

Offer no. 12,267 / EUR  151. (c. US$ 183.) + shipping

River Landscapes. In front fishermen at their boats, each with round tower on the side. 2 etchings by Franz Edmund Weirotter (Innsbruck 1733 – Vienna 1771) on 1 sheet. Inscribed: 5 (6). / F. E. Weirotter fecit. 2⅛ × 4⅛ in (5.3-5.5 × 10.6 cm). – Nagler 17, 5-6. – Sheet 5 & 6 of the 18-sheet “Suite de XVIII Paysages Dessiné à Lagny sur Marne proche Meaux en Brie”.

Offer no. 15,082 / EUR  148. (c. US$ 179.) + shipping

River Landscape with Fishing Boats. Front left place with dominating factory works with smoking chimney and crane on the quay. In the background on the same side further place with a castle above. Etching by Weirotter as before. (1760.) Inscribed: 10 / F. E. Weirotter Del. et Sculp. 5¼ × 7 in (13.2 × 17.9 cm).

Offer no. 15,083 / EUR  225. (c. US$ 272.) + shipping

‘Crabs , Crabs’

“ A Painting from which the Salty Winds of the Sea blow ”

William Hogarth (1697 London 1764). Shrimps! The young crab-seller woman calling out her wares. Stipple printed in gray by Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen (1765 Göttingen 1840). Inscribed: W. Hogarth pinx. / Riepenhausen sc. 9⅞ × 7⅝ in (25.1 × 19.4 cm).

One of the rarer plates after Hogarth. – On lightly toned minor paper. Box pleat lower right in image and wide white margin.

William Hogarth, Shrimps

“ This picture (represents) a young English country girl who comes to town with crabs to sell them by means of the measure lying on top of the woven basket – which she balances gracefully on her head despite of its wheel-size – , in doing so she cries ‘crabs, crabs’. ”

Hogarth worked this for him quite unusual picture about 1745 though not publishing it himself as engraving. This only happened in 1782 by Bartolozzi whose work served as model for Riepenhausen who followed it not just in technique and grey print, but – contrary to his usual habit – also in the side-inverted depiction.

“ The much adored ‘Crab Girl’ …

a painting from which the salty winds of the sea blow — ‘so strange

that only the final works of Frans Hals offer a parallel’ ”

(Bernd Curt Kreplin in Thieme-Becker XVII [1924], p. 300, citing Richard Muther).

See otherwise the color reproduction of the original in the Hogarth catalog of the Tate Gallery of 1971-72 (ill. p. 51). – Riepenhausen’s works after Hogarth (“very valuable”) count to his main work. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 11,126 / EUR  125. (c. US$ 151.) + shipping

The  People’s  Regime  in  Fishing  Law

Not  in  the  Sales  Jeanson (!, 1987) & Lindner (2003)

Rondonneau, L(ouis). (ed.). Code de la Chasse et de la Pêche, Contenant les Lois, les Arrêtés, les Décrets, les Avis du Conseil d’Etat et les Réglemens rendus sur la Chasse, la Pêche, la Louveteries et le port d’armes:

Depuis  1789  jusqu’à  ce  jour;

Recueillis, mis en ordre, et conférés entre eux … Terminé par la Texte de

l’Ordonnance  (de Louis XIV, Roi de France et de Navarre)

des  Eaux  et  Forêts  (du  Royaume

Donnée … au  mois  d’Août  1669).

Paris, Garnery, Libraire, & Rondonneau et Decle, Libraires, au Dépôt des Lois, place du Palais de Justice, Juli 1810. IV, 171 pp. Marbled h. leather with leather corners, gilt back title, and colored marbled boards. 2 sides uncut.

Rondonneau, Code de la Chasse et de la PêcheRondonneau, Code de la Chasse et de la Pêche

Thiébaud 789; Schwerdt II, 138. – Not in the sales Jeanson (!, 1987) & Lindner (2003). – The modifications of French hunting and fishing regulations starting with August 4th 1789, thus

only  20  days  after  the  storm  of  the  Bastille ,

and hounded by further initiatives of the National Assembly of August 6th, 7th, 8th & 11th, partly in tenor, partly as extract, sovereignly followed by the Bourbon’s old law from the days of Le Roi Soleil in the version of August 1669 (pp. 45-171).

By the standard of the Ancien Régime then, too, the print itself, that is on laid paper, when in other countries machine-paper already provided for egalité. – Pp. 121/124 with corner tear-off upper right and left resp., 121/2 additionally with adjacent small acid-free fold support. Pp. 163/166 with supported paper break-outs at the inner margin with isolated cut off of letters. Otherwise only isolated tiny spots, only title + leaf of contents a trifle more, the former above and right generally minimally age-marked, and generally a very fine copy of this rare publication in adequate binding in contemporary style.

Offer no. 14,807 / EUR  310. / export price EUR  295. (c. US$ 357.) + shipping


Sailfish – Bayonet Fish – Istiophorus Triactis (= Istiophorus platypterus) e Mari rubro. From the group of ray-finned fishes. With steeply erected dorsal fin to the right in ⅕ natural size. Below 5 small details. Colored chalk lithograph. (1828/29.) Inscribed: Finzi del. Müller pinxit / Elsasser in Lap. del., otherwise as above. 11¼ × 16½ in (28.6 × 42 cm).

ZOOLOGICA I PISCES X. – From Ehrenberg’s (“belongs to the most important naturalists of the century”, ADB) Symbolæ physicæ devoted North Africa & West Asia. – Typographic watermark (H. Oeser) in Basel. – On buff wove paper uncut on 3 sides. – At the left margin quite weak water spot, otherwise impeccable. –  Fine & decorative . – See the complete description.

Offer no. 12,265 / EUR  174. (c. US$ 210.) + shipping

A Fisherman with a Scoop. / Un Pêcheur avec une Écope. Colored stipple by J. Dadley (fl. before 1797 – after 1803) after Pu-Quà. 1799. Inscribed: Pu-Quà. Cantòn, Delin. / Dadley London Sculpt. 13⅝ × 10 in (34.7 × 25.5 cm). – From Lipperheide Le 17. – With explanation sheet in English-French parallel text.

“ This plate exhibits a fisherman, who walks into the water, and with his long scoop takes a species of small fish that is found in the mud. ”

See the complete description.

Offer no. 14,604 / EUR  158. (c. US$ 191.) + shipping

Pu-Quà, Chinese Fishmonger

A Fishmonger. Un Marchand de Poisson. The Chinese street vendor for fish, here slicing a carp into pieces. More of them in a tub besides him. Colored stipple after Pu-Quà as before. 14 × 10⅛ in (35.5 × 25.6 cm). – With explanation sheet in English & French.

“ Fresh-water fish, as carp &c. are sold alive in the streets, and the larger sorts are divided and sliced for the accommodation of those who wish to purchase a very small quantity. ”

See the complete description.

Offer no. 14,606 / EUR  148. (c. US$ 179.) + shipping

Smoking Herring (in a fishing house). Wood engraving after Johannes Gehrts (Hamburg 1855 – Dusseldorf 1921) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1880-81.) 5¼ × 3⅞ in (13.2 × 9.9 cm).

BACK: Cape Arcona (Rügen). Wood engraving after Gustav Schönleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917) 4⅜ × 6¾ in (11.2 × 17 cm). – Continuous local text on both sides. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 8,414 / EUR  50. (c. US$ 60.) + shipping

John Sherer, Rural Life

John Sherer. Rural Life. Described and Illustrated, in the management of Horses, Dogs, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, etc., etc.: Their Treatment in Health and Disease; with authentic information on all that relates to Modern Farming, Gardening, Shooting, Angling (14 pp.) … and a complete system of modern veterinary practice. With 5 woodcuts in the text and

88  steel  engravings  on  64  (3 folded)  plates.

London & New York, London Printing and Publishing Comp., (c. 1870). 4to. Engraved title, XVI, 1016 pp. Black orig. leather on 4 ribs with richest ornamental back-stamping, partly repeated broad gold and blind stamped fillets on both covers and blue-green marbled fly leaves. Faded red punctate edges.

Not in Schwerdt. – Binding somewhat rubbed and timemarked, lower capital with a little leather defect on 1.5 cm length. – One quire (pp. 889-896) twofold bound in. – Frontispiece and the engraved title quite slightly waterstained. Otherwise of fine freshness except for only very isolated smallest mould stains. – By its wide range of subjects

the  complete  compendium  in  general .

See the complete description.

Offer no. 13,131 / EUR  765. / export price EUR  727. (c. US$ 879.) + shipping

Eel-buck. Wood engraving after Gustav Schönleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917) for A. Cloß, Stuttgart. (1880/81.) 2¼ × 4⅞ in (5.8 × 12.5 cm). – Concluded text on Dithmarschen on both sides. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 8,318 / EUR  18. (c. US$ 22.) + shipping

Wrasses – Labrus. I. Labrus radiatus. / II. Labrus lunulatus. Both of the two iridescent subspecies of different size in color-rich drawing on dominating green. Each with 4 small details. Colored stipple by August Friedrich Schmidt (I or II), Berlin, after Finzi and A. Müller. (1828/29.) Inscribed: Finzi A Müller pinxerunt. / Schmidt aeri incidit, otherwise as above. 13½ × 9⅞ in (34.2 × 25.1 cm).

ZOOLOGICA I PISCES VIII. – From Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg’s (“belongs to the most important naturalists of the century”, ADB) Symbolæ physicæ devoted North Africa & West Asia. – Typographic watermark (H. Oeser) in Basel. – On wove paper uncut on 3 sides. – Impeccably fresh. – Fine, decorative. – See the complete description.

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John Heaviside Clark (probably Scotland 1771/2 – Edinburgh 1863, 1802-32 in London). Greenland Seal Catching. Before imposing icebergs a hunter amidst of a wave in his kayak raising to harpoon two seals. Aquatint by Matthew Dubourg (fl. London 1808-38) in the original coloring. London, Edward Orme, 1813. 7⅛ × 9 in (18.2 × 22.8 cm).

Thieme-Becker VII, 48 f. – (FOREIGN FIELD SPORTS VII.) – Schwerdt I (1928), 177 f.: The coloured plates … are fine, both as regards draughtsmanship and colouring … . – On Whatman paper of 1811. – See the complete description.

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Johannes Gehrts, Herring Fishermen putting to Sea

Herring Fishermen putting to Sea (Lohme/Rügen). In front rowing past the rocks in the surf, on the right supported by a sail. On the beach numerous men preparing further boats. Wood engraving after Johannes Gehrts (St. Pauli/Hamburg 1855 – Dusseldorf 1921) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1880/81.) Inscribed: Joh. Gehrts (18)81. / A. Closs XA A B sc., otherwise typographically in German as above. 7⅛ × 9¼ in (18 × 23.4 cm).

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Hildebrandt, Eduard (Danzig 1818 – Berlin 1869). (The Coastal Skipper’s Children.) At the edge of the dunes watching a common crab. On the water two cutter. Steel engraving by Albert Henry Payne (London 1812 – Leipsic 1902). C. 1850. 6⅛ × 7¼ in (15.5 × 18.3 cm). – Boetticher 36. – After Hildebrandt’s painting of 1847. – See the complete description.

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With the Fisherman Simon Peter as Satan

Fish Sale – Thou shalt observe the days of fasting, also the distinction of food. Fish monger, pitching the fresh ware to two female customers. Top right in 1⅝ × 1⅜ in (4 × 3.5 cm) frame temptation of Christ by the speaker of the disciples and former fisherman Simon Peter in the character of the Evil One. Engraving by G. C. Stich (Cologne 2nd h. of the 17th cent.). (1679.) Inscribed as above. 3½ × 2⅜ in (8.9 × 6 cm). – On the back engraving to the Holy Mass. – See the complete description.

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William Barker Daniel, Rural Sports


W(illia)m B(arker) Daniel. Rural Sports. 2 vols. With engraved and (1) ill. titles by Peltro William Tomkins (1759 London 1840) and

63  ( 1 double page )  copperplates

by John Scott (London about 1778 – after 1821) after Stephan Elmer (Farnham, Sussex, – 1795, 10), Sawry Gilpin (Carlisle 1733 – London 1807, 10), and others. (London,) Bunny & Gold, (1801-)02. Large 4to. 5 nn. ll., 388 pp.; 3 nn. ll., 520 pp., 2 nn. ll. Brown half leather with gilt back-plate, blind stamping, broad leather edges, and marbled boards. Top edge brown, otherwise paled dotted edges.

William Barker Daniel, Rural Sports (Trout)

BMC IIL, 328; Souhart 132; Schwerdt I, 133 (later edition). –  First  edition. – On broad Whatman paper of 1794 & 1801. A few plates trimmed within the white platemark, only one title within the publisher’s adress. A few marginal tears repaired. The plates mostly in the white margins a little foxed, only a few & the titles seized more. A few quires evenly slightly browned, otherwise as a whole of great freshness.

With 373 pages and 18 plates definitive thematic priority


containing besides numerous descriptions of species with instructions for hauling & needed flies 22 pages especially about making flies and 98 pages with descriptions of the waters, arranged to counties of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Besides on hounds – with 50 pages on medicines – , different game as fox, stag, hare, martin, birds (110 pp. with 19 plates), and others more. Furthermore describing origin, principles, and development of hunting laws as a whole as especially related to fish, birds, and hounds. Finally hints on arms and ammunition. Indexes for each volume.

Illustrated and engraved by the best of their time. Scott had

“ the name of one of the most credited engravers of his motherland. He had also the merit of an excellent drawer, who used the graver with a mastery as to be found in first rate sheets only. He stands alone in his superior style of engraving … Some of his sheets are united in éditions de luxe, so separately they are rare or even not to be found ”

(Nagler XVI, 179). And Gilpin , “… a fine English animal painter … named: Apostle of the North” (N. V, 174) – was esteemed as “one of the most important British horse painters. But he had also done excellent with the depiction of other wild animals” (Thieme-Becker XIV, 49). – Elmer “depicted wild and house birds which earned him great applause. He was even to be put aside of the Dutch painters …” (N. IV, 110).

A  fine  copy  of  this  fascinatingly  illustrated ,

as  well  as  textually  well-founded  manual

characterized by Morgan George Watkins in Dictionary of National Biography (vol. 14 [1888], p. 32) as

“ the delight of sportsmen at the beginning of the century .”

See the complete description.

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Warkworth-Castle, Northumberland. In the front angler with long rod. Steel engraving. C. 1855. 5 × 6¼ in (12.6 × 15.8 cm). – Painterly view. – See the complete description.

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Nets, (Pomeranian) Fisherman patching the. At Home in his Parlor. Wood engraving by H. Nigg(l) after Gotthardt Kühl (Lübeck 1850 – Dresden 1915) for A. Closs, Stuttgart. (1880-81.) 7½ × 5¼ in (19.2 × 13.5 cm). – BACK: In a (Pomeranian) Peasant’s Parlor. Wood engraving after Kühl. 4¾ × 6⅛ in (12.2 × 15.5 cm). – Continuous local text on both sides. – See the complete description.

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Weirotter, Franz Edmund (Innsbruck 1733 – Vienna 1771). Ruin of Ponte Sublicio on the Tiber. In front two fishermen hauling in their net, on the opposite bank imposing buildings with aqueduct. Etching. Inscribed: F. E. Weirotter fecit / 10. 5⅝ × 7¾ in (14.2 × 19.8 cm). – Nagler V, 10. – Inscribed by old hand in ink “On the Tiber, without Rome”. – See the complete description.

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Traditional Costumes from the Island of Marken, Zuiderzee. Old couple of fishermen in the parlor, she holding a clay pipe. Over the fireplace tea-kettle, in the chimney some plaice, right in the background the bunk. Toned wood engraving after Rudolf Jordan (Berlin 1810 – Dusseldorf 1887). (1875/76.) Inscribed: J. Kresch sc., otherwise in German as above. 9⅞ × 7⅛ in (25 × 18.2 cm). – In the right lateral margin isolated feeble foxspots, one of which still touching the subject, but barely perceptible. – See the complete description.

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Richly  alive  with  Fishermen  at  their  Boats

Coastal Landscapes – Franz Edmund Weirotter (Innsbruck 1733 – Vienna 1771). Vues de la Normandie. Set of 10 (instead of 12) landscape etchings & aquatints (2). Inscribed: dessiné d’après Nature / et Gravé par F. E. Weirotter / AParis chés Wille Graveur du Roi Quay des Augustins. / Par son très Humble et très Obéissant Serviteur Weirotter (pl. 1) and F. E. Weirotter fecit. resp. C. 5⅞ × 8¼ in (15 × 21 cm).

Franz Edmund Weirotter, Vues de la Normandie

Nagler 12. – Without plates 11 & 12, but not impairing. – With the dedication to M. Brillon Duperon, Ecuyer, and the address of Johann Georg Wille (Upper Mill in the Bieber Valley near Giessen 1715 – Paris 1808) as the “clandestine representative of German culture in France” (Décultot et al. [ed.], Johann Georg Wille, Briefwechsel, 1999, p. 1) whose pupil Weirotter had been. – See the complete description.

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A  Hard  Work

Coral Fishers. In front in a boat the fishermen hauling in the heavy net, behind sailboat whose crew just strikes the sail and stands at the capstan. Toned wood engraving after Ludwig Dill (Gernsbach, Baden, 1848 – Karlsruhe 1940) for Adolf Cloß, Stuttgart. (1876.) Inscribed: Dill Napoli (18)74 / A. Closz Goebel, typographically in German as above. 10⅛ × 7½ in (25.8 × 18.9 cm). – See the complete description.

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Fishermen hauling in their Nets on Lake Zurich. Another boat on the lakeside together with nets, anchor and other gear. On the lake several sailing boats and a steamer. Wood engraving after Ernst Friedrich Heyn (1841 Leipsic 1894) as above. (1875-77.) 3⅜-7¼ × 1⅛-7⅛ in (8.5-18.4 × 3-18 cm). – As title vignette for local text breaking off on the back. – See the complete description.

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Venetian Fishing Barge

Venetian Fishing Barge. On board both the two fishermen and several weir-baskets. Wood engraving. 6⅜ × 4¾ in (16.3 × 12 cm). – BACK: Arrival of a Milk Barge. 4 × 7¼ in (10 × 18.5 cm). – See the complete description.

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Fishing Boats, Neustadt (Holstein). Lying on the beach, with figurines. Wood engraving after Gustav Schönleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917) as before. (1880-81.) 7 × 5⅜ in (17.7 × 13.8 cm). – See the complete description.

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Fishing Boat (Jade). Hauling in the drag-net at rough sea. Wood engraving after Gustav Schönleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917) as before. (1880/81.) Inscribed: GS, otherwise as above. 5⅝ × 7⅜ in (14.3 × 18.8 cm). – Continuous technical and local text on both sides. – See the complete description.

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Fishing Family on Board. Wood engraving after Johannes Gehrts (Hamburg 1855 – Dusseldorf 1921) as before. (1880-81.) 3¾ × 4¾ in (9.6 × 11.9 cm). – BACK: Tower of Wangerooge. Wood engraving after Gustav Schönleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917). 4¾ × 5¾ in (12 × 14.5 cm). – On both sides continuous subject & local text. – See the complete description.

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Neapolitan Fishing Girl

Neapolitan Fishing Girl. Carrying a basket full of fish to the shore, behind partial view of the boat with nets. Wood engraving after Ferdinand Keller (Karlsruhe 1842 – Baden-Baden 1922) as before. (1876.) 7⅝ × 5 in (19.5 × 12.7 cm). – On both sides concluded text “Old and new Campanians”. – See the complete description.

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Lavagna. Coming Home from Fishing (Arthur Calamé)

Lavagna. Coming Home from Fishing. Fishing boat in long swell, the fishermen bringing driftnets onto the beach. Wood engraving as before. (1876.) 4⅞ × 7⅜ in (12.3 × 18.6 cm). – Instructive representation. – See the complete description.

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Fish Market at Rialto Bridge

Fish Market at the Rialto Bridge. Rich scenery. Wood engraving as before. (1876.) 7½ × 9⅝ in (19 × 24.5 cm). – BACK: Bridge of Sighs. With several gondolas. 5⅞ × 4¼ in (14.8 × 10.7 cm). – See the complete description.

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(The Girl from Yasmund.) On the narrow strand of the steep coast with dog, looking out on the sea. Nearby boat and anchor. In the distance fishermen at a landed cutter. Steel engraving by Albert Henry Payne (London 1812 – Leipsic 1902) after Eduard Hildebrandt (Danzig 1818 – Berlin 1869). C. 1850. 7¼ × 5⅜ in (18.3 × 13.6 cm). – See the complete description.

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„ Als kleinen Dank für Ihre immer mit großer Freude und ebensolchem Interesse entgegengenommenen stets neuen Ridinger-Informationen anbei … “

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