« The hound some praise and some the Hawk:
Some better pleased with private sport, Use tennis some a Mistress court:
But these delights I neither wish Nor envy while I freely fish. »

William Andrew Chatto, The Angler’s Souvenir, 1845

Fishing & Angling

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Franz Edmund Weirotter, At the Lake near Bolzano (Lake Bolsena)
Angling is the family’s pleasure
for it keeps the paterfamilias’ good spirits
Franz Edmund Weirotter
At the Lake near Bolzano (Lake Bolsena)

“ At this time we are on our boat … I hope you extend the same faith in me as I have in you in paying for this sizable sum in advance (sight unseen) in the expectation of delivery … Best regards ”

(Mr. P. C., July 22, 2002)