» The hound some praise and some the Hawk:
Some better pleased with private sport, Use tennis some a Mistress court:
But these delights I neither wish Nor envy while I freely fish. «

William Andrew Chatto, The Angler’s Souvenir, 1845

Fischen + Angeln

in Zeichnungen Graphik Büchern

Franz Edmund Weirotter, Am See bei Bolsena (Bolsenasee)
Das Angeln ist der Familie Lust ,
hält’s doch den Hausvater bei Laune
Franz Edmund Weirotter
Am See bei Bolsena (Bolsenasee)

“ Arrived March 16. Beautiful, very pleased; impressed with your entire process. Thank you so much. Best regards ”

(Mrs. P. A. C., March 17, 2017)