Heckendorf, Ships in the Harbor (Trieste?)

Heckendorf, Franz (Berlin 1888 – Munich 1962). Ships in the Harbor (Trieste?). Three sailing boats of various size before and between two steamships. On the pier in front three boatmen figurines. In the background indicated mountain ridge. Pencil and color pastel on light drawing paper. Inscribed lower left: F. H. (19)41. 5⅜ × 8⅝ in (138 × 220 mm).


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Charming  sheet-filling  sketch

in  rich  stroke  and  delicate  colors

Heckendorf, Mediterranean Harbor (Trieste)
Franz Heckendorf, Mediterranean Harbor (Trieste?).
Tempera on white ground on fiberboard (1949)
of the tightly staggered, dominating ships in the harbor as snapshot done on the spot during his repeated journeys to Italy and the Middle East. Picked up and realized in large format in rich tempera eight years later with the addition of a pier on the left and houses at the rearward quay and dramatic accentuation of the here just succinctly suggested mountain scenery as for Heckendorf so decisive an element of the southern landscape.

Harbor views and landscapes resp. occur throughout Heckendorf’s œuvre. So for instance more recently on the market the atmospheric watercolor from 1927 Harbor of Marseilles and the Harbor in Southern France from a sketchbook of 1944. Or the large-sized painting Industrial Port in the 1985 exhibition Hagemeier from 1952. From the same year also the watercolor Southern Harbor Landscape picking up again the steamship here.

“ What the north could not present of color impressions to this painter of the sun, the Adriatic coast provided to him to the full extent … Also … the harbors with the boats moored at the jetties, the lines of houses glittering in the light … On this occasion it should not go unmentioned that Heckendorf

only  painted  in  watercolors  and  sketched  on  his  travel

and that the execution in oil only ensued in the study from memory ”

(Kirchner 1924).

“ Pupil of the instruction class of the Berlin Museum of Applied Arts and the Academy, but essentially autodidact (just as the contemporaries Heckel & E. L. Kirchner and like these starting from impressionism). One of the most talented exponents of the young generation of German artists … The most mature Heckendorf has created so far (1923) are his landscapes … especially, however, the landscapes he had the occasion to paint during World War (I) as combat pilot at the eastern front,

on  the  Balkans , by  the  Bosporus  and  by  the  Tigris ”

… Coping with all techniques and an exceedingly easily producing talent … besides oil painting H. applies himself to pastel, watercolor, and lithography …

Study  stays  in … Italy , Dalmatia  and  Asia Minor … ”

(Vollmer in Thieme-Becker and Vollmer resp.).

On the back of the painting of 1949 fragment of an old gummed label with typewritten designation “HAFEN VON T(?)..E(?)S.”. – Mounted remarkably unprofessionally by a previous owner with centered adhesive tape onto the paper inlay of a photo frame. – At the left margin brown spot/stripe extending scantly 4 cm into the subject, practically not impairing the image, the left lower corner besides with completely smoothed pleat slightly finger-stained on the verso.

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