« (I)n the universal fact of the hunt
a fascinating secret of nature … is revealed »

José Ortega y Gasset, Meditationen über die Jagd

hunting in splendid wilderness

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Spring of the Hounds (Drawing)
Splendidly large-sized, splendidly high-graded drawing
and as such exceedingly precious today :
Johann Elias Ridinger
“The Spring of the Hounds”
The pictorial drawing for Th. 105

… and don’t miss the webpages of Ridinger, Wintter and the Rugendas Family !

To today’s gamekeepers & huntsmen of his mind

Hermann Löns Hunting Paths

“ Received the 2 parcels yesterday in A. M. I am very pleased with the books as well as the condition of them. Thank you again … I hope we can do business again in the near future ”

(Mr. L. A. F., March 11 and 1 resp., 2001)


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