In  the  Contemporary  Binding  of  Edward  Jackson  Barron

“ Citizen  and  Armovrer  of  London ”

The  Chase  –

Bestseller  of  a  Whole  Century

Somervile, William. The Chase; A Poem. With prefaces by Somervile + Bulmer plus Critical Essay (by Aikin). With

Somervile, Chase / Bewick vignette

14  large  hunting  vignettes  in  wood  engraving

by the brothers Thomas & John Bewick. London, W. Bulmer, Shakespeare Printing Office, 1802. Large 8vo. XXIII, 105 pp., 1 l. Dark blue half morocco with broad leather corners and colored marbled boards and fly leaves, gilt title on spine & boards. (1872.) Two sides uncut. Gilt head edge.

Rümann, Das Illustr. Buch … 1790-1860, pp. 41-50 together with 5 ills.; Thieme-Becker III, 561 f.; Schwerdt II, 166 f. (various editions); Podeschi, Books on the Horse and Horsemanship (Mellon Coll.), 73 (edition 1796) with 3 (1 full-page) ills. – New issue of the edition of 1796 as the first one accompanied by Aikin’s essay on Whatman paper of 1801.

Main  work  of  Somervile’s  (1677 Ederston 1742), distinguished by expert knowledge (Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, 4th ed., XV, 22). Its original edition was published in 1735.

“ ‘The Chace’ was his best poem, and was highly approved of by the first literary characters of his day. It went through a large number of editions … ”


Here  present

Somervile, Chase / Bewick Vignette

with  the  Bewick  illustrations  published  for  the  first  time  in  1796


in  Edward  Jackson  Barron’s  privately  bound  copy

with  his  different  armorial  exlibris  bound  before  and  after  resp.


Somervile, ChaseExlibris E. J. Barron


together  with  device


as well as autograph library no. 624 & encrypted note on purchase and binding costs of August 1872 on end fly leaf.

Somervile, Chase / Purchase & Binding Note

The Armourer’s (today & Brasiers’) Company harks back to 1322 and protected the City of London since 1346. Still today it resides in Armourer’s Hall, that “superb and unique location for any function, which is stunning blend of 16th and 17th Century armour”. Barron’s library i. a. also adorned by a presentation copy of the great George Cruikshank of February 14, 1874, comprising 20 etchings.

Binding a bit rubbed, the boards slightly faded and a little used at the back. Title + fly leaves slightly foxing, otherwise quite isolated spots only. As a whole an opportunity.

Thomas  Bewick  (Cherryburn at Ovingham/Northumberland 1753 – Gateshead/Tyne and Wear 1828),

“ famous  English  wood  cutter

… reviver of the artistic woodcut in England … and raised the woodcut not only to a profession, but to an artistic power. He was one of the first, if not really the first, who cut into the cross-cut wood, not into the longitudinal grain, thus by this introduced the ‘wood engraving’ – “by which one can achieve all gradations of the inks even in the woodcut ” (Nagler 1835) – …

(A)s artist and naturalist, who copied nature with that love which dreads to wrong her by the slightest deviation from the truth, — as humorist and satirist who looks at life with the clear look of free reason, he was

in  his  bearing  unique ”

(Thieme-Becker 1909). And

“ Only recently by the watercolor designs to the animal representations also Bewick’s talent as aquarellist was recognized, especially with respect to

the  unerring  power  of  observation

which stands out against the idealizing tendencies of most of his contemporaries ”

(Peter Wiench, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon X [1995], p. 322).

“ One  of  the  most  charming  books  of  Bewick’s

is  William  Somervile’s  ‘The  Chase’ .

Somervile, Chase / Bewick Vignette

Except for one the illustrations were drawn by John Bewick (Cherryburn 1760 – Dec. 1795) giving by these chief proof of his talent; nine of these he cut himself, Thomas the others with all skilled delicacy. The figurative is placed into a nice landscape setting that finely that woodcuts emerged which grew beyond the vignette-like

to  an  autonomous  painterly  image  effect ”

(Rühmann 1930). And so the present work combines once again, so Hope 181,

“ the  best  characteristics

Somervile, Chase / Bewick vignette

of  John  Bewick’s  talents  as  draughtsman ”

Somervile  —  Bewick  —  Barron :

indeed  a  copy  fallen  out  of  the  everyday  life  of  buying  books .

Offer no. 10,961 / EUR  445. / export price EUR  423. (c. US$ 511.) + shipping

„  ich danke Ihnen sehr, daß Sie sich mit meinem Anliegen so viel Mühe gemacht haben, was ja keinesfalls selbstverständlich ist. Ihre ausführlichen Erläuterungen sind mir als Laien des Kunstmarktes sehr nützlich, wofür ich nochmals danke “

(Herr R. L., 6. Februar 2019)


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