“ The  Polar  Bear  Hunt …
is  highly  dangerous  though ”

Lütke, Peter Ludwig (1759 Berlin 1831). Polar Bear Hunt. At the arctic winter quarters the men of the polar expedition, armed with guns – one already aiming – , harpoon, grappling iron, and pistol, observe four polar bears drifting by on an ice-floe. Before the cabin boats and further tools, in the ice-free canal in the background the ship of the expedition. Steel engraving by P. Wurster. On a board above the cabin door ligated monogram LPL, in the white lower margin inscribed PW / 1861., otherwise in German as above. 6⅝ × 7¼ in (16.7 × 18.4 cm).

Nagler, Monogramists IV, 1298. – As against Nagler the monogram here more elaborate. – Pupil of Hackert’s in Rome, Lütke’s landscapes taken mainly from Italy and the environs of Berlin were “esteemed for their botanically true rendering of the foliage” (Th.-B. XXIII, 452). Besides he etched several plates for Krusenstern’s Voyage around the World 1803-1806.

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„ Lieber Herr Niemeyer, Ich freue mich über Ihr selten gewordenes Qualitätsempfinden! Ein einwandfreies Exemplar des Goltzius wäre mir schon auch lieber! MfG “

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