Beckmann, Ludwig (Hanover 1822 – Dusseldorf 1902), after. The Last Wood Grouse at Birch Hill. Gliding down to the ground, seized by the throat by the marten. Wood engraving. (1873.) Inscribed: Ludw. Beckmann, otherwise in German as above. 11⅛ × 7½ in (28.3 × 19.2 cm).

Thieme-Becker III, 156 on Beckmann :

“ Animal painter … First carriage builder and as such also active as writer (‘On the Importance of the Carriage in Cultural History’). His passion for hunting led him to study animal life, to animal painting, and again by way of literature to animal illustration, in which he performed excellently. His bear and boar hunts painted especially for English connoisseurs were well received; they distinguish themselves by a sharp observation of animal life. The best known though he became by his drawings for the wood engraving … As cynologist Beckmann was an authority of first rank ” (his still highly esteemed standard work: History and Description of the Races of the Hounds, 2 vols., Brunswick 1894-95, with 86 plates).

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