Badger Digging

Badger Digging. The badger has been dug out – and every participant holds his variant ready to get at his rind. Up to the master of the hunt with the revolver. Front right the picnic basket for the hunting breakfast afterwards. Wood engraving by Jules Huyot (Toulouse 1841 – Eaubonne 1921) after Henri Télory (Strasbourg 1820 – 1874/75). C. 1870. Inscribed: Telory / Huyot sc, otherwise in German as above. 9 × 12½ in (22.9 × 31.8 cm).

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“ Just received the James Figg item safely today. I have a couple questions. Art in general is new to me so I‘m asking you to educate me on this item … First of all I‘m happy with the item, just trying to understand it better … Thanks again ”

(Mr. A. C., March 27, 2008)


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