Christian Kröner, Wildkatzen

Kröner, C(hristian) (Rinteln 1838 – Düsseldorf 1911). Wildkatzen. Zwei in altem Eichenholz aufgebaumte Katzen, sich um die Beute der einen – wohl ein Birkhahn – streitend. Holzstich nach Kröner’s Bild von 1869 bei R. Brend’amour, Düsseldorf. (1873.) Signiert, bezeichnet. 27,4 x 18,5 cm.

Angebots-Nr. 11.206 / EUR  91. (c. US$ 110.) + Versand

“ Yes please. I take that (further) copy.
I have now fetched the (last) parcel at the post office and I was very pleased. First of all: thank you for making so good parcel. I hate when I receive damaged copies because of bad envelopes. So once again: thank you very much for handling the items with such care! For me that is another word for seriousness and professionalism.
It was also a good copy and I liked it very much.
Please let me know if there is more items coming up ”

(Mrs. G. H., June 19, 2006)


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