Annalen der Forst- und Jagd-Wissenschaft. Ed. by Chr. W. J. Gatterer and C. P. Laurop. Vol. I in 4 pts. Darmstadt, C. W. Leske and, from issue 3 on, Heyer + Leske resp., 1811. 171, 3 pp., 1 l.; 184 pp., 4 ll.; 188 pp., 2 ll.; engraved title to vol. I, 186 pp., 4 ll. contents for the single parts and the whole resp. + all errata. With

3  folded  engravings , one  colored  of  them  depicting  a  roebuck .

Green cardboards with mounted original front covers.

Gatterer-Laurop, Annalen der Forst- und JagdwissenaftGatterer-Laurop, Annalen der Forst- und Jagdwissenschaft

Lindner 11,1261,01; Souhart 209 (erroneously 1810 ff.); Mantel II, 591; ADB VIII, 409 f. + XVIII, 68 ff. – The engraved title and the colored plate, both mentioned by Lindner for the 1st and the 2nd issue resp., here at the beginning of pt. 4. – Title and the following two leaves of the 3rd and one leaf of the 4th issue partly old repaired in the white margin; title of the 2nd with two old ink sketches; pt. 1 with some foxed pages at the beginning and in the second half slightly water-stained. Otherwise practically spotfree, uniformly bound fine copy resp. with laid brown and green (pt. 4) paper for the fly leaves.

The  complete  first  annual  of  this  rare  early  periodical ,

rich in content and well-founded, contrary to the following volumes also more qualified in respect of Gatterer’s (Göttingen 1759 – Heidelberg 1838) collaboration. Whose

“ main merit lies in compilation and critical presentation of the forestcameralistical literature; among the authors of this field he is entitled to a continuous place of honor ”

(ADB). Compared with him Laurop (Schleswig 1772 – Karlsruhe 1858) was only a theorist. Issues 1, 2 + 4 containing two calendars and another information to Laurop’s teaching at the Karlsruhe Forest Institute founded by him in 1808.

Issues 2-4 i. a. continuing the “Forest Institution of German and other States”. Remarkable also the reviews of forest and hunting literature published recently.

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