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(Howitt, Samuel.) Howitt’s miscellaneous Etchings, old & new. New Edition. Etched title and

50  etchings

(c. 3½-5⅞ × 6⅛-8⅝ in [9-15 × 15.5-22 cm]). (London,) Edw. Orme, 1812. 4to. Old cloth with back-plate and mounted title plate. Uncut.

Samuel Howitt, BoarSamuel Howitt, Rutting Fight

Thieme-Becker XVII, 588 f. (erroneously with an William H. as etcher). – Compare with Mellon, Prints, 11 + Graesse III, 380 (both the edition of 1803). – Not in Schwerdt. – With the figurative exlibris of Dr. Roederstein. – On strong paper of 1822 watermarked I I S & S, the overlay leaves, irregularly bound with, watermarked 1828. – Binding more timemarked, upper inner book partially broken. Title and a total of 8 plates with faint tidemark partially reaching into one of the image corners though visible almost only in the mostly wide white (plate) margins. First and last plates with minimal touch of foxing, only title and frontispiece a bit more. Otherwise of fine freshness.

Showing in prevailing landscape, but also domestic or farming scenery besides cattle (9 + 3 together with sheep) , sheep (4 + 3 together with cattle) , pigs and chicken

Samuel Howitt, Red DeerSamuel Howitt, Fallow Deer

an  ibex  family , red  deer  (6, one of which a rutting fight) ,

Samuel Howitt, HorsesSamuel Howitt, Horses

horses  (10) , dogs + hounds  (10) , lions  (2) ,

Samuel Howitt, HoundsSamuel Howitt, Horses

fighting  buffalos , wild  boars .

Inscribed throughout: “Howitt”, partly with the additions “in. et f.” and Howitt’s and H. Brookes’ address resp. and dates of 1792 (4), 1797 (2) + 1801 (12). – In the Mellon Collection a comparable compilation of 49 sheets from several suites with dates 1792-1803. The edition of 1812 here obviously reprinted on occasion of Howitt’s death.

Samuel Howitt, Fighting BullsSamuel Howitt, Cattle

Samuel  Howitt  (1765 – London 1822) was “as practicing sportsman … superior in the natural depiction of hunting and sporting scenes … As etcher Howitt has an extraordinary pure and fine needle. He has … publicated numerous works with engravings and etchings after own designs” (Thieme-Becker, their erroneous repetition of Heller-Andresen’s assignment of this publication to a William Howitt – not known to Nagler – who also died in 1822 defeated by inscription + address). – The album here thus exemplary for

Howitt’s  understanding  of  animals , howitt’s  art  of  etching  –

Samuel Howitt, CattleSamuel Howitt, Cattle at the Watering

Here  you  have  them !

Samuel Howitt, BuildingSamuel Howitt, Building

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Samuel Howitt, HorsesSamuel Howitt, Horses

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