With  Wildungen’s  22-page  Story


Wildungen, L(udwig). C(arl). E(berhard). H(einrich). F(riedrich). Weidmanns Feierabende (a new Handbook for Hunters and Friends of Hunting). 2nd annual. Marburg, Krieger, 1816. 2 ll. frontispiece & engraved title, 198 pp., 2 ll. contents & advertising. Green orig. card wrap. with engraved hunting allegory.

Wildungen, Hunter's After WorkWildungen, Hunter's After WorkWildungen, Hunter's After Work

Lindner 11,2263,01; Mantel I, 137. – Cf. Schwerdt II, 297 & Souhart 494. – Owner & (duplicate) stamp of the Warsaw University Library verso of the title and on the white p. 2 resp. – Page 137 misnumbered as “139”. – Title browned, the text partly, but mostly only slightly foxed. Outer corner of the wide white lower margins with a pressure mark throughout. The nice cover a little time-marked as usual.

Contains i. a. reports on the saga of the wilde hunter Hans von Hackelberg (Wolfenbüttel 1521 – Wülperode near W. 1581, probably a Brunswick supreme hunting master, his gravestone here as frontispiece), hunting legends & memories of prehistoric times , Johann Georg Gmelin’s reports on sable hunt & midnight sun experience in Siberia during the Great Northern Expedition 1733-43,

Wildungen, Curious Californian Deer Hunt

curious deer hunting in New California :

“ All woods and grass-covered plains of New California are abound with herds of deer of colossal size, round and extremely handsome antlers (wapiti, American elk) … The Indians … use a very ingenious device to bag this animal. They cut off the head with the long antlers of a deer, clear the neck and put it on their head … ”

Further a Württemberg decree of 1815 regarding the struggle against the damage done by game , the first edition of a scene of the play “Hunter’s Yarn” , poetry & anecdotes . However, the most exhaustive article of the publication, written by Wildungen himself,

“ The  Bavarian  Hiesel ”

in his career, rage & ending, on his “boy”, and – on 2 pages – his hound Tyras and how he got it!

Wildungen’s Feierabende (Finishings) published in 6 annuals from 1815-1821 were the last set of his series, beginning with the Neujahrsgeschenke (New Year’s Gifts) in 1794 and continued with the Taschenbuch für Forst- und Jagdfreunde (Pocket-book for Friends of Forestry and Hunting) from 1800-1812. These series are

“ … beautiful sets of small almanacks he presented to lovers of our subject from 1794 to 1821. We know of

no  others  in  any  language

dealing exclusively with matters concerning the chase which could compete … for general attractiveness, due to the neatness of get-up … ”


Wildungen (Cassel 1754 – Marburg 1822) “stands out less for knowledge of forestry but by a lively sense for nature, especially the wood, and by his thorough understanding for hunting which he conceived from a higher point of view. One can characterize him as the sculptor of modern hunting-art …” (ADB XLII, 513 ff.).

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