Carle Vernet, La Chasse

Vernet, Carle (actually Antoine Charles Horace, Bordeaux 1758 – Paris 1836). La Chasse. Fox-hunting. The hunting party galloping across hilly landscape with the pack aside. The fox not visible yet. Aquatint by Louis Philibert Debucourt (1755 Paris 1832) printed in brown. Inscribed: C. Vernet del. / P. L. Debucourt sculp. / Déposé a la Bibliotheque Nalle. / A Paris chez Rolland, Place Victoires, No. 6., otherwise as above. 19 × 26¼ in (48.1 × 66.8 cm).

Dayot 2, II (with ill.); Fenaille 141, II, each final state with the letter. – Two minimal box pleats in the sky. – On untrimmed Van Gelder Zonen laid paper with margins on three sides 4-4.8, above 2.5 cm wide in addition to the already wide white platemark.

Superior  splendid  print

in Debucourt’s characteristic painterly aquatint manner and wanted as all his engravings.

For the horse-crazy Vernet meanwhile a sujet par excellence :

In 1784 the same father – the land- and seascapist Claude Joseph V. – who urged the son only one year before “he should restrain from riding, and not leave his works incomplete” bought him a horse as additional stimulation. In 1787 the success turned up with the Triumph of Paulus Aemilius founding his fame

“ who had achieved extraordinary in this not only in the historic part, but namely through the representation of horses … and from this time on the artist improved unrelentingly the talent he possessed to depict with luck horses and any motif where such animals occur. ”

And continuing Nagler sums up :

“ As animal painter, especially in the representation of horses and hounds, Vernet occupies a special position … In most compositions the movements of the often numerous animals and human figures are given with equally great liveliness as truth of nature. The correctness and the instantaneousness of the movements are just the part of art in which Carle Vernet excels in masterly. ”

Offer no. 12,292 / EUR  1508. / export price EUR  1433. (c. US$ 1732.) + shipping

„ ich habe mich nun doch entschlossen, den Ridinger zu veräußern und bitte um Zusendung des angebotenen freigemachten Verpackungsmaterials … (Und) ich danke Ihnen für die ausführliche Anleitung zum Verpacken des Ridingers … (Und) Ihnen nochmals für die äußerst angenehme Kommunikation dankend … (Und) das Geld ist bereits auf meinem Konto angekommen, das ging ja wirklich schnell, vielen Dank dafür … “

(Herr C. S., 15., 18., 29. + 30. Dezember 2009)


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