In  an  Absolutely  Rare  Augsburg  Artist + Mezzotint

The  Gutting  of  the  Stag

Thoman(n) von Hagelstein, Ernst Philipp (1657 Augsburg 1726). The Earth / La Terra. After the return from the hunt. Rich scenery around the gutting of the stag at the well, done by the hunter himself, supported by a hand. Besides a fallow-deer, perhaps also a fox, in front a further groom sitting with two hounds while on the left a third one comes along with a pack of three and a fourth one takes care of the carriage. Besides two hounds, the son and the housewife, buildings, and landscape complete the whole. Mezzotint printed in brown. Inscribed: 4 / E. Ph: Thoman exc(.), quatrain in German as below. Subject size 14¼ × 19⅛ in (36.2 × 48.5 cm).

Ernst Philipp Thoman von Hagelstein, The Earth

THE FOUR ELEMENTS IV. – Only the title in German-Latin parallel text. – Trimmed to the edge of image and text resp. Unobtrusive 1⅛ × ⅝ in (3 × 1.5 cm) tear-off in the left image margin added and redrawn, likewise backed a tear-off at the lower right corner outside of the writing and tiny marginal tears. Some thin paper spots and pin-like fine holes, utterly smoothed centerfold. The only quite slightly worn impression itself very beautiful. Not identified watermark.

“ On the back and plain earth , The stag lies there in its value. By the hunter it is gutted , The other meat one prepares for the banquet. ”

Descending from a patrician family in Lindau, of whom as the first one the grandfather, Jacob Ernst, stood out as painter of the Elsheim circle, already the father, David, died as councillor of the board of Augsburg, while the son David Ernst, artistically just an excellent dilettante, raised to senator there, further artist-sons stayed there or turned to Stockholm and Dresden resp. Ernst Philipp on his part

“ Did his studies in Italy and acquired fame as one of the best artists of his time … In the later period of his life he occupied himself with the mezzotint manner and had in this but One predecessor in Augsburg ”

(Nagler, who mentions animal and hunting pieces, according to ADB in just this manner, only from hints by the younger Paul von Stetten, 1731-1808, but himself found “none of these specified in detail”).

Especially only the Schwerdt Catalog (III [1928], 170 ff.) shed more light into his and his next interesting son’s Heinrich Tobias graphic œuvre, to be complemented by occasional appearance of further works as then here, too.

Yet in such a way they are trouvailles still surpassing said technically conditioned preciousness. For already in 1675 the expert von Sandrart figured “clean copies” of the velvety mezzotint manner at just about “50-60 (!) … soon after, however, (the picture) grinds off for it not goes deeply into the copper”.

For the set of the Elements supposedly dedicated to the hunt throughout present sheet thus would be, any special literature aside, a first indication. It is with all the utensils shown

as  instructive  as  in  the  pictorial  density  of  quite  particular  charm .

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„ … Toll, die Verbindung der Kunst mit berühmten Männern der Geschichte. Dazu die qualitative Aufmachung … “

(Frau U. K., 2. Januar 2010)


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