Menaces to a Hare's Life

“ The Hare has a Great Many Enemies ,
but the worst is Man ”

(Hare, Oh! Am I not a Poor Little?) All menaces to a hare’s life, from snares, weasel, fox, wolf, cat, and birds of prey – of the latter even several with feeding at the aerie – up to the larded roast with red wine after the battue in the center field. Wood engraving by Jules Huyot (Toulouse 1841 – Eaubonne 1921) after Ph. Müller. (1873.) Inscribed: Ph. Müller / Huyot, otherwise typographically in German as above and 3-column distich after an old song. 8⅞ × 12¼ in (22.5 × 31.2 cm). – Barely perceptible faint foxing top left within the subject and at the center of the caption.

“ The hare has a great many enemies, but the worst is man … and if the doe would breed only once a year and not three or even four times, no hare would live on earth anymore, for his enemies are too many, since his game is too delicate ”

(Hermann Löns, [The Brown Hare]).

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Roast Hare & Red Wine (detail)
Roast Hare & Red Wine (detail)

“ I am writing to you to have suggestion from you, the specialist of J.E.Ridinger. I am an art historian … ”


“ Thank you very much for quick response. Your suggestion is so helpful and can correct many erroneous captions which have been attached to the Ridinger’s prints in Japan until now … ”

(Ms. Y. K.-S., 19 + 22 December 2009)


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