A  Thematically  Very  Rare

and  Personally  Specially  Engaged

285  Years  Old  Edict !

Edict of Ludwig Rudolf, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (1671-1735, youngest son of Anton Ulrich and father-in-law of Emperor Charles VI, accession to the throne 1731), concerning the pheasantry in the Lecheln Wood before Wolfenbüttel. Given Wolfenbüttel March 20, 1734. 13¼ × 16¼ in (33.7 × 41.4 cm). 1 page. With large woodcut initial. Ducal signature printed together with L(oco) S(igilli) stamp and that of the minister Hieronymus of Münchhausen.

Framing-worthy  Broadsheet

determined  for  posting  up  on  the  billboards ,

disclosing the quite personal ducal interest – reflected also by the degree of the penalty – , but also still free of the often inescapable character of repetitions :

Edict on behalf of the pheasantry at Wolfenbüttel

“ (Since We made the gracious decree / that by the pheasantry set up in the Lecheln Wood attracting and taming of this winged game shall be furthered by all means / and … set into the open; So it will be especially necessary / that this preserve installed for Our pleasure will be treated gently by any means / and nobody shall dare to shoot / to capture pheasants at whatever places … these might be met / or be after them otherwise / and to disturb them … to lay hands on their eggs and young brood … with rifle / nets and yarn / or by other means …) ”

Threatening with 100 dollars “for every piece / that is shot or captured” , alternatively prison or other punishment. 10 $ though for the informer. And “for that no one might excuse himself for ignorance / to publish (the one here) by open print / also to post it up at usual places / ordered most graciously”. – On Ludwig Rudolf + Münchhausen see Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie XIX, 541 ff. + XXII, 728 f. – Two really small fold strengthenings in the white margin, otherwise impeccable.

Of  specially  effective  typography  +  uncut  broad  margins .

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(Herr + Frau T. C., 13. Mai 2002)


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