Poaching  down  into  the  Gardens

before  Brunswick  +  Wolfenbüttel

Decree, Renewed (and enlarged), of Louis Rudolph (1732) by Charles I, Dukes of Brunswick-Luneburg, concerning the poaching and the shooting of high and small game in the forest, hunting districts and preserves, but now, too, (1773) in the gardens, especially before the gates of Brunswick and Wolfenbüttel. Published then Wolfenbüttel November 19, 1732, now Brunswick August 19, 1773. 13⅝ × 16¾ in (34.5 × 42.5 cm). 1 page. With large woodcut initial. With the ducal signatures printed together with the L(oco) S(igilli) stamps and those of the respective First Ministers Hieronymus von Münchhausen and G. S. A. von Praun.

Decree on Poaching about Brunswick + Wolfenbüttel

Extended to the gardens by means of new preliminaries and closing and in this form a rare variant of the decree on this never-ending theme issued previously by Louis Rudolph, youngest son of Anton Ulrich and father-in-law of Emperor Charles VI, which itself referred to others published before, but also added something new. So e.g. the menace of harnessing those who shelter poachers or unsuspiciously purchase game from strangers “also even for some time to the great carriage” or the use of firearms along with the general assumption of guilt against armed people beyond streets and paths.

Frame-attractive  broadsheet  determined  for  placarding

( “in the villages and else at the usual places and ends” )

of great minuteness of detail, here with fold at the back from previous stitching. Except for the centerfold slightly torn and backed at top and bottom of also impeccable freshness and uncut wide margins. – Small typographic watermark and larger figurative one with princely hat.

On the dukes and their ministers see Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie XIX, 541 ff. + XXII, 728 f. and XV, 266 ff. resp. + XXVI, 536 ff. G. A. S. von Praun (ADB XXVI, 536 ff.) not least interesting as the then supervisor of the ducal library who appointed Lessing as its librarian May 7, 1770.

The large V initial in the version with princely hat and Lower Saxony’s horse without escutcheon, but with the additional small crown. Decrees between 1705 and 1749 traded here without these attributes.

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