The  direct  Re-acknowledgement

of  September  4th  as  Opening  of  the  Hunt

Decree of Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (1735-1806, ascension to the throne 1780, nephew of Frederick the Great) postponing this year’s opening of the hunt to September 16 because of belated harvest. Published Brunswick July 30, 1805. 13¾ × 16½ in (35 × 42 cm). 1 page. With large woodcut initial. With the ducal signature printed together with the L(oco) S(igilli) stamp and that of A. L. von Bötticher.

Frame-attractive  broadsheet  determined  for  placarding

( “in the villages and else at the usual places and ends” )

of unused freshness. Two tiny stitches in the white margin at the centerfold only. – Two watermarks.

Decree Postponing the Start of the Hunt for belated Harvest

Of  great  value  of  evidence  the unequivocal reference to September 4th, thus Bartholomew’s Day of the old calendar, as date of the start of the hunt that this time has to be postponed “in regard of the field hunt”. With decree of August 18, 1785, the duke had indirectly imputed to this August 24 according to the new calendar. And still with the postponing decree of August 23, 1799, he had not mentioned September 4 expressly again.

Attractive, too, the reference to the leash hunts by the “non-resident interested parties” in which he trusts that they would follow suit.

On Charles William Ferdinand see Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie XV, 572 ff., in which P. Zimmermann especially honours both the artistic and reformative merits in regard of the close relations cultivated with Winckelmann in Rome and the appointment of later Prussian chancellor as Brunswick Privy Councillor (1782-90) as also of the generally outstanding military ones, to sum up already at the beginning on occasion of the voyage as hereditary prince to France in 1766: His appearance was royal adequate to the reputation of his house and its family connections.

The large V initial with princely hat and Lower Saxony’s horse without escutcheon, here now without the additional small crown that otherwise was only missing in presence of the escutcheon. Decrees between 1705 and 1749 traded here without any of these attributes.

Irrespective of the relatively late time once again

typographically  especially  effective  and  with  uncut  wide  margins .

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