The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer

The  Law  in  Everyday  Hunting  Life

Hunting Edicts 1705-1805

in  the  Century  of  Ridinger

Hunting Edicts by the Dukes of Brunswick-Luneburg 1705-1805. A collection of 13 one-sided and therefore also very framing-attractive decrees from four generations in succession as broadsheets determined for placarding “in the villages and else at the usual places and ends”, each with the signatures of the reigning duke printed together with the L(oco) S(igilli) stamp and, mostly, of their first ministers as well as decorative woodcut initial “V” in such attractive oblong formats of 12⅜-13¾ × 13⅞-16¾ in (31.5-35 × 35.2-42.5 cm). Under framing-ready acid-free museum boards with gilt date in ruby morocco Solander box with ornamental raised bands and two green back-plates, title on the front cover, Ridinger-stag-vignette on the back cover and line on both covers, all in 23.5 carat gilt tooling, and ruby elephant skin inner covers with gilt sequence of potentates at the beginning.

Continuously  represented  will  of  game-law

of  a  whole  century

by a dynasty that in its standing and its family connections up to, most closely, Emperor Charles VI belongs to the most distinguished ones in Ridinger’s 18th century. Interspersed with the

fascinating  red  thread

of the opening of the hunt occupying the whole century as a result of the calendar shift of St. Bartholomew’s Day to August 24, the collection also contains usually partially only rarely mentioned themes like the pheasantry in the Lecheln wood from which additionally a quite personal ducal engagement becomes obvious, on the increase of sparrow heads to be submitted as a country-crossing short-sightedness that soon resulted in the

ecological  collapse

and caused Frederick the Great in Prussia to import and release sparrows for the containment of damages.

Furthermore such interesting regulations as on the appointment of field-guards to minimize damages by the game, on carrion places + shooting cabins, on poacher’s excuses of collecting mushrooms in the Weser district, as then on poaching as such and postponement of the opening of the hunt due to weather.

Hunting Edicts 1705-1805

Starting with Anton Ulrich (1704-1714), documented per March 27, 1705 + October 16, 1711, over Augustus William (1714-1731) per August 2, 1719 as communicating Renewed Decree of June 29, 1778*, Louis Rudolph (1731-1735) per November 19, 1732 + March 20, 1734*, Charles I (1735-1780) per December 11, 1749*, September 14 + November 5, 1767*, February 18, 1768*, August 19, 1773* + June 29, 1778 up to Charles William Ferdinand (1780-1806), represented per August 18, 1785, August 23, 1799* + July 30, 1805*.

Adequately presented within the Red Series of lüder h. niemeyer as of highest grade.

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* These edicts also available separately

The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer

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