Vernet, Carle (actually Antoine Charles Horace, Bordeaux 1758 – Paris 1836). (La chasse au cerf.) Catalogue with reduced representation of the 24-leaves-set of the engravings by Gamble of c. 1804/14. (1993.) 8 unpag. ll. With 24 half-page illustrations of the engravings and 1 full-page one of the further aquatint “La Chasse” by Debucourt after Vernet, Fenaille 141. Orig. tacking with the front cover in red & black.

First (?) complete representation of this extremely rare set, especially important for the century after Ridinger, with its incomparably wonderful horses of the “horse crazy” Vernet. Published as issue 14 of the “publications of the ridinger gallery niemeyer”.

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„ Gerne kaufe ich den (1573er) Band … “ & „ Das Buch ist angekommen – wunderschön ! “

(Mr. M. R., June 9 & July 1, 2016 resp.)


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