Heldenberg, Forester

Heldenberg, Fr(anz Xaver Georg). Der Förster oder neue Beyträge zum Forstwesen. (The Forester or New Contributions to Forestry.) Numbers 1 + 2. With

3  colored  engraved  folding  plates .

Nuremberg, Stein, 1797/98. 2 unpag. ll., 127 pp.; IV, 178 pp., 1 l. Orig. wrappers. Uncut.

Published in all two volumes à 3 numbers. – Part 1 here and there, part 2 only isolated with weak mould stains, otherwise quite fresh, especially also the three engravings in their careful publisher’s colouring. Two leaves with original jammed hole and corner tear-off resp. in the white lower margin. Front covers with small signature. Library labels extending beyond the back. Back of I paled, of II partly missing. Cover of the latter generally discoloured. – Engraving description of II on the outer back cover.

Heldenberg, Forester (Larch)Heldenberg, Forester (Acacia)Heldenberg, Forester Larch)

Containing in German by several authors: Arguments for the periodical growth of the plants especially in respect of the conifers / Estimates of two specified forest districts standing for sale / How the lack of all kinds of lumber can be stopped for all times, continued in part II in particular regard of Bavaria / Examining of the forest property scruples of Mr. Pr. Schrank / On the clearing out of the forests / Natural history of the wild acacia etc. (with 1 engraving to this) / Newest forest literature. – Contribution to the history of the seasoning of the pines in Upper Germany / On the state of the woods and forests in (especially central) France / Natural history of the larch (with 2 engravings) / About the opinions on my Müllenkampf collection of forest public notes of several countries .

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