One  of  the  Best  Books  on  the  Small  Hunt

Jester, F(riedrich) E(rnst). (The Small Hunt. For Hunters and Hunting Amateurs.) In German. 5th ed., completely reworked by O. v. Riesenthal. With 242 text ills. and

11  plates  in  wood  engraving.

Leipsic, Brockhaus, 1884. X, 822 pp. Black and gilt tooled green orig. cloth with hound medallion on the front cover. Paled stipple edges.

Friedrich Ernst Jester, Small Hunt

Lindner 11.1075.07; ADB XIII, 788 ff. – Here and there slightly foxing, only few ll. more. Joint of back cover, as the corners, too, somewhat pushed, that of the front cover with quite slight begin of breaking in the fly leaf.

Jester’s (1743 Königsberg 1822) profound work, first published in 8 small volumes 1793-1808. Its “repeated editions certainly speak, since then there was by no means a shorting in writings on the hunt, for the value of the book,

for  a  long  time  (up to Diezel)  the  best  one  for  the  subject  of  the  ‘lower  hunt’ .

Also the descriptions of the respective game are short and to the point” (ADB).

Friedrich Ernst Jester, Eagle Owl

After short classification of the haired game belonging to the small hunt and more extensive description of gun + ammunition (pp. 7-59) as with 108 pages most comprehensive part “Of the Hounds” (pp. 60-167), reaching from keeping, feeding and breeding as well as the relevant races and their training up to diseases (pp. 133 ff.). Following then in 30 chapters on the several kinds of the small game, 13 of which on winged game.

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