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The  Separate  Print  on  Hunting  from  Diderot-d’Alembert

(Lacombe, Jacques.) Encyclopédie méthodique. Dictionnaire (A-Z) de toutes les espèces de chasses. Text and plate vol. Paris, H. Agasse, (1794-95) and, plate part, 1811 resp. 4to. VIII, 456 pp., 1 l. title. With

Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses

33  ( 15  double full-page )  copperplates

by Robert Bénard (Paris 1734 – after 1777, recte rather c. 1786), with pl. 2, no. 2 after Ridinger’s The Par-force Hunt, Th. 21, of his Princes’ Pleasure from 1729. Time-marked contemp. cloth (text) and half leather, both with back-plate and gilt back.

Schwerdt I, 295 (Lacomb, erroneously Fr. L.); Thiébaud 542 (Lacombe, erroneously Bernard & only 450 pp); Nissen 4621. – Text vol. uncut, but leaves cut of, the plate vol., of finest print quality, with paled punctate edges. Especially the text wide-margined. – Fresh copy except for very small tidemarks, repaired tears, and rust stains in the outer margins of some of the plates.

The  indispensable  compendium ,

Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses

enlarged  by  10  plates

compared to the folio edition of the Diderot encyclopedia from the 3rd quarter of the 18th century.

The plates – mostly with 1-2, partially also up to 6 large, pictorially marvelous presentations of boar hunt, red deer stalking, par force hunt, wolf and fox pitches and trap hunting,

Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses: Hawking

3  plates  on  hawking ,

Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses: HawkingLacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses: Hawking

duck and pheasant hunt, pheasantry, bird catching, and others more –

“ furnish  representations  of  some  unusual  sports  and  implements ”


Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses
Plate 2, no. 2 after Ridinger’s “The Par force Hunt”, Th. 21, of his 1729 Princes’ Hunting Pleasure.

Besides traces and tools and

Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses

five  plates  music .

The 12-page plate explanation bound subsequent to the dictionary. – Especially in regard of the several kinds and practices of hunting today either not possible or not usual anymore

Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chassesLacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses

text  &  plates  remain  the  imperative  combination  for  the  hunter .

Lacombe (1724 Paris 1811), originally jurist and parliamentary lawyer, was mostly active as writer, journalist, art critique, bookseller and publisher of several newspapers, i. a. in Zweibrücken. From 1778 author of numerous volumes of the Encyclopédie méthodique published by Charles-Joseph Panckoucke.

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Lacombe, Dictionnaire de chassesLacombe, Dictionnaire de chasses

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