(Mellin, August Wilhelm Graf von.) (Attempt of an Instruction for the Planning, Improvement, and Use of the Hunting Grounds both in the open as in Preserves.) In German. With 2 woodcut vignettes and

118  engravings

incl. frontispiece, title vignette + dedication armorial engraving. Berlin and Stettin, Joachim Pauli, 1779. 4to. XXI, 1 (errata), 356 pp. Contemporary dark green marbled boards with empty library back-plate. Paled punctured edges.

Holzmann-Bohatta IV, 9279; Lindner 11.1427.01; Schwerdt II, 22 (“a beautiful and scarce book”); Nagler, Monogramists, II, 430 + 457, + V, 1598; Thieme-Becker XXIV, 366; Lipperheide Tf 19; Cat. of the Collection of Ornamental Engravings Berlin 3354. – Not in Souhart. – Dedicated to the “real Privy= State= War= and directing minister Baron von der Schulenburg” (Lewin Rudolf v. d. Sch.?, Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie XXXII, 667).

The now plainly instructive, then most beautiful engravings of varying sizes up to (almost) full-page size overwhelmingly by Mellin after own design, partly worked “ad vivum”, but also after Jacques de Sève (about 1742 – after 1788) and Joseph Halfpenny (Bishopsthorpe 1748 – York 1811) as well as

at  least  9  after  Johann  Elias  Ridinger ,

among these the Chasseur aux levrieres Th. 124 from Hunters and Falconers (p. 316), the fugitive roe Th. 453 from Design of Several Animals (p. 164), several hounds from the same set (pp. 199, 295, 209, 215), The Surrounded Hunt Th. 22 from the Princes’ Hunting Pleasure (p. 268), the Boar Hunted in the open on the Ball Th. 66 (p. 301) as well as within a plate of antlers three after Th. 244, 247 and the third one of Th. 249, all from the Most Wondrous Deer (p. 142). Compared with the models partially in reverse and quite accordingly to the necessary reduction somewhat simplified in the representation. Besides a leaping boar should be copied from Johann Heinrich Tischbein II.

After introduction and general stuff on hunting grounds, organized in Preservation, Natural History of the Noble Game and On the Hunt of these. In particular i. a. on deer, fallow-deer, roe and wild boar stock as well as its protection for one’s own chase, the planning, enclosure, setting-up and decoration as well as utilization of the game park in general as especially for roes, wild boars, hares and rabbits, protection of trees + shrubs against biting, the natural history of all these and finally the hunt of them with all its accessories and in all possible facets. And with the great eagle owl as closing vignette.

Descending from an established Prussian family Mellin first attended the Brunswick Collegium Carolinum, a modern technical college and social educational establishment founded by Duke Charles I (reigning 1735-1780), then the university at Halle. Besides his scientific and linguistic studies zoological drawings and paintings interested him increasingly. Returned to his estate of Damizow near Stettin he enriched it by a zoological garden and a pheasantry, was in frequent exchange with natural scientists like Buffon, Schreber and Bloch and for the rest rode his very own hobby-horse, the hunt.

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