Meulen, Adam Frans van der (Brussels 1632 – Paris 1690). Départ pour la Chasse. Rendezvous and departure of the large hunting party. In tree-rich landscape in front of farm houses and church on the left a group of noblemen on horseback with attendants expect the prince coming down from the palace in the middle distance in state coach with six horses and his rich suite. But also in the opposite direction horsemen ride, drives a covered waggon, go the rank and file of the party. Etching by Jan van Huchtenburgh (Haarlem 1647 – Amsterdam 1733). 12⅝ × 18⅛ in (32.2 × 46 cm).

Nagler, Monogrammisten, III, 687 (variant). – Evenly lightly browned, tidemark in both the white left and lower margins, colour wipe mark and small brown spot in the wide white lower platemark. Hardly perceptible colour spot in the outermost image margin lower right. – With royal privilege on heavy laid paper with watermark THD with helmet(?) over the H. and white margins up to 9.5 cm wide.

Wonderfully  composed  sheet

in van der Meulen’s typical landscape manner marvelously reproduced by Huchtenburgh that distinguishes itself by “the easiness of the foliage, the freshness of the landscape, and the lucky distribution of the masses” (Watelet).

This manner was not only familiar to Huchtenburgh due to his temporary training by van der Meulen, but it also corresponded to his own style “in the taste of Audran’s school”. And what Nagler reports for the latter – “painted virtually with the needle and the chisel” – also constitutes the own charm of the as populous as atmospheric leaf here. Its masterly horse drawing – especially typical for Huchtenburgh’s own painted work, too – shall be mentioned expressly.

In the Spanish War of Succession he accompanied the great Prince Eugene of Savoy on the Italian theater of war, later he entered into the service of the young Frederick William, prince royal of Prussia, the father of Frederick the Great.

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