Wenzel Hollar, Coursing Fallow Deere

Hollar, Wenceslaus (Václav, Prague 1607 – London 1677). Coursing Fallow Deere. The hunting in slightly wooded landscape. Eight deer are spread out over the left part of the image, already tracked by hounds, while the four-headed hunting party on the right, three of them mounted, still discusses the strategy. Etching + engraving. Inscribed: 2 / WHollar sculp, otherwise as above and the following caption. 6⅝ × 9 in (16.7 × 22.7 cm).

“ When Grayhounds strayne, then Bucke and dow doe bound, / Or’e hill and dale and nimbly riddeth grownd. / But when theyre pinch’t. the Keeper with his knife, / with Speede makes in and there doth end theyr life. ”

Sheet 2 of a perhaps 4-sheet set (cf. Schoeller Catalogue, 1921, 482) of the generally rare huntings as in respect of these not in Schwerdt (1928/37), otherwise not among the rich Hollar passages at Baron Lanna (1895) + Davidsohn (1920) or in the 1984 Berlin exhibition catalogue. – Warm toned, still clearly drawing impression from the early 19th century on 2-3.5 cm wide-margined moldmade paper.

“ In Merian’s prospects (co-produced by Hollar in his early years) appears a prosaic conception, in the landscapes by Hollar a deeply felt beauty of nature, which he depicted wittily, truly, and feelingly … A comparison between his master’s and his own works shows how far the pupil early outdid the teacher ”

(Nagler VI, pp. 258 ff.).

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„ nachdem die wunderbare Stangenabwurf-Folge (Wintter’s Aufsezen oder wachstum des Hirschgeweihes hiesiger Lieferung) nun meine Wand ziert, habe ich zwei (Desiderata-)Bitten an Sie. Es fehlt mir … Können Sie mir behilflich sein? “

(Herr C. R., 28. Januar 2015)


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