Dean Wolstenholme, Full Cry

Wolstenholme I, Dean (1757 in Yorkshire – 1837, active in London). Full Cry. Three hunters on horseback, one opening a gate and the hounds climbing stile on left. Aquatint printed in color and colored by hand by Richard George Reeve (fl. c. 1806-1840 in London). Inscribed: Painted by Wolstenholme. / Engraved by Reeve. / Fox Hunting Pl. 2. / Published by Reeve. No 7. Vere Street. April 1. 1808. 13⅞ × 17½ in (35.2 × 44.4 cm).

From the unnumbered 4-sheet set Schwerdt III (1928), 127 c (subject size 16½ × 21⅞ in [42 × 55.5 cm], trimmed within the platemark under obvious loss of title and address) in its smaller version Schöller Collection (1921) 414 (“Smaller engravings of the well-known set of aquatint sheets printed in color”) + Mellon Collection (Snelgrove, Prints, 1981) Wolstenholme (I) 1 (“coloured by hand”, otherwise trimmed within the platemark) with reference to Schwerdt, at which whose larger version has been overlooked as unknown. As this smaller version – and just also only this within the 17 Wolstenholme positions at Schöller – on its part unbeknownst to Schwerdt when noting “It may be a set printed in 1808 to which (Siltzer) refers without giving the measurements”. Regarding his own set Schwerdt thinks of “Siltzer, p. 309, mentions a set printed in 1806 but the sizes he gives are not correct.” Sheet 4 of the smaller version figuring maybe erroneously in respect of the cut as sheet 1 at Schwerdt, who by the way qualifies the set as follows:

“ A very attractive series (although without titles) principally on account of its exceptionally fine colouring. Besides, the riders and hounds are more in proportion to the landscape than is usual with sporting prints. ”

Impression about 1850 on light cardboard under addition of an outer edging. The color effect of the atmospheric sheet à la Schwerdt: exceptional.

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