Solo Catcher

Solo Catcher, The. Right in front portraitlike large hound with the captured hare while left-sided placed back the field of the horsemen accompanies the hare hunting still going on. Steel engraving. C. 1835. Inscribed as no. XVI, otherwise as above in German along with the address of the Art Establishment of the Bibliographical Institute. 6⅞ × 7⅞ in (17.4 × 20 cm).

With the full platemark not measuring with, as rather more seldom for steel engravings, and left-sided stitch-margin. – Also see Ridinger’s Light Cours Hunde.

Offer no. 14,819 / EUR  74. (c. US$ 89.) + shipping

„ danke für die prompte Lieferung der beiden hübschen Cassas-Blätter (von Antiochia). Den Überweisungsauftrag gab ich gestern zur Bank. Viele Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende … “

(Herr K. O., 6. Februar 2009)


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