The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer
Johann Heinrich Tischbein II, Collection of 170 Engravings

“ (For) the excellence …
especially of the
hunting pieces
Mellin … Wildungen
and Hartig
might be cited … ”

Tischbein II, Johann Heinrich (Haina, Hesse, 1742 – Cassel 1808). (Collection of One Hundred and Seventy Engravings after Drawings by … entirely etched in copper.) Zwickau, Literatur- und Kunst=Comptoir, between 1808 + 1827. Large fol. 2 unpag. ll. title, preface + contents and besides an additional old washed brush drawing in grey + brown by other hand

170  (1 of which exchanged) etchings

(2⅛-8⅜ × 2⅝-10⅞ in [5.4-21.2 × 6.7-27.7 cm]), 10 of these (partially) colored, in original mounting in points on 59 sheet.

Ruby  red  morocco

with 5 ornamental raised bands with green back-plate, artist’s name on front cover + ridinger handlung niemeyer on its inner cover, Ridinger stag vignette and line on both boards, all gilt tooled in 23.5 carat, in equal half leather slipcase with the stag vignette on both boards.

Nagler (1848) 43, not quite correctly (so then, too, before, p. 514, “about 184”) as

“ Complete  Edition  of  his  Works ”

and therefore the documentation of the work pure and simple, offering far more than the

dominating  animal  and  hunting  pieces

as  results  of  not  least  his  personal  passion  for  the  hunt .

Ten of the works are (partly) colored. Sheet 65, Two quarrelling Horsemen (Nagler 16), obviously already taken out by old and replaced by a washed brush drawing in grey + brown on old laid paper of two billy-goats near brick-work observed by a boy (5⅛ × 7¼ in [130 × 185 mm]), onto which later again an etched “Resting Group of a Billy-Goat with Two Sheep” after Johann Heinrich Roos (4¾ × 7 in [12 × 17.7 cm]; 10-13 mm wide margins) was laid upon that has been loosened at both the lower corners for lifting up.

Johann Heinrich Tischbein II, Head of a TurkJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Horse, after PforrJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, FalconerJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Tischbein's HoundJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Boar HuntJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Stag, after RidingerJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, High Class Game in the Pasture near CasselJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Startled Wild BoarJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Wild BoarJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Pointer at Pheasants, after OudryJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, ElephantJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Dwelling of DemocritsJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Lion HeadJohann Heinrich Tischbein II, Capercaillie

Human Heads (16) – Historical Figures (19) – Agricultural Animals (27) – Horses and Horsemen (2 instead of 3) – Hounds (15) – Hunting Pieces (9) – Living Game (14) – Dead Game (10) – Wild Winged Game (9) – Wild Animals (20) – Landscapes (14) – Animal Heads and Animal Rarities (14) .

The preservation corresponding to the excellent quality of the impressions, executed partially with more or less, but also completely in aquatint, here and there even in vernis mou, and partially printed in reddish/brownish or on colored paper. To be mentioned just isolated little foxing spots, only sheet 147 (Hardenberg Castle near Göttingen) especially in the sky part more impairingly, and a partially appearing faint tidemark in the right lower corner of the mounting paper. – Title + contents on laid paper watermarked with large fleur-de-lis and Whatman resp.

Johann Heinrich jr. “painted landscape and animals and after a longer stay in Holland he settled down in Cassel”, where in 1775 he became inspector of the gallery there especially famous for its Netherlandish paintings. He

“ (He  loved)  the  hunt  almost  passionately

and practiced it besides his art for relaxation and amusement …

On  the  excellence  of  his  works , especially  the  hunting  pieces ,

the greatest praises of famous connoisseurs , as by a count von Mellin, von Wildungen and Hartig, could be cited, who acknowledged and praised in his works

the  lucky  effect  of  the  rare  unity

of  the  skilled  artist  and  huntsman  in  one  person ”

(from the foreword).

And here adequately presented within the Red Series of lüder h. niemeyer as of highest grade.

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The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer

„ Sie haben wieder einmal in unverkennbarer Weise Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Philosophie dargeboten. Ich wünsche Ihnen – beiden – auch in diesem Jahr viel Erfolg und Gefolgschaft von Ihren alten und hoffentlich auch neuen Kunden und natürlich auch persönliches Wohlergehen … “

(Herr D. L., 4. Januar 2010)


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