“ As  Cynologist

Beckmann  was  a  First-Class  Authority ”

Beckmann, Ludwig. (History and Description of the Races of the Dog. With the co-operation of the most notable breeders and judges, and in accord with the officially recognized race marks of the authoritative societies at home and abroad, published and illustrated by …, hunt and animal painter in Dusseldorf.) In German. 2 vols. Incl. two frontispieces with

Ludwig Beckmann, Irish WaterspanielLudwig Beckmann, English MastiffsLudwig Beckmann, English long-haired St. Bernard/Alpine Mastiff

86  (83 mounted)  plates  in  wood  engraving

Ludwig Beckmann, Coloring of the coatLudwig Beckmann, Abrasion of the fangs and incisorsLudwig Beckmann, The fading of the pigment of the coat

and  lithography  (3, 2 of which in color)

as  well as  numerous  wood  engravings  within  the  text .

Brunswick, Vieweg and Son, 1894/95. In-4. XV, 386 pp., 1 l. errata; XIII, 351 pp. Brown orig. h. calf-binding with broad leather corners, textured board covers, and blind-patterned white silk fly-leaf. Marbled color edges. – Nissen 278.


Ludwig Beckmann, History and Description of the Races of the Dog

in decidedly fine copy with just slight brightening of the decorative gilt tooled back with its two back-plates each. – With engraved “He” and “She” exlibris resp. of the same collection.

The wood engravings – printed on thin paper the plates are mounted on light carton with typographic imprint – from the xylographic studios of Brend’amour, Dusseldorf, + Vieweg themselves, the paper by Vieweg Bros., Wendhausen. The three lithographed plates by the Berlin court lithographer W. Greve.

While the wood engravings within the text already show a plenty of dogs besides anatomical depictions

Ludwig Beckmann, Skeleton of the Dog

so the plates

Ludwig Beckmann, English FoxhoundsLudwig Beckmann, Black NewfoundlanderLudwig Beckmann, Russian Pssowie Barzois

84  pedigree  dogs  apart  or  as  couple  or  group  resp.

as well as one skeleton + development of the teeth each. The plate wood engravings throughout, those within the text frequently with Beckmann’s signature or monogram in the block, now and then also that of the engraver, especially the plates partly additionally with Brend’amour’s address.

Ludwig  Beckmann  (Hanover 1822 – Dusseldorf 1902) originally was carriage builder “and as such also literarily (‘On the Consequence of the Carriage in Cultural History’) active in his profession.

His  passion  for  the  hunt  resulted  in  the  study  of  game  life ,

game painting, and once more by way of literature animal illustration

in  which  he  achieved  outstandingly

… He became best known by his drawings for wood engraving, however … for which he partially also wrote the text himself …

As  cynologist  Beckmann  was

Ludwig Beckmann, History and Description of the Races of the DogLudwig Beckmann, History and Description of the Races of the DogLudwig Beckmann, History and Description of the Races of the Dog

a  first-class  authority ”

(Thieme-Becker III, 156).

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Ludwig Beckmann, Bloodhound Nestor

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