A  Fox  Hunt  for  Ridinger’s  Early  Publisher

and  also  engraved  by  this  himself ?

Fox Hunting. At picture-dominating mighty oak of a forest with Flemish vistas leading differentiatedly into the depth the fox finds himself at bay by two hounds. Rushing to the scene from the right hunter with boar pike blowing the horn. Engraving for Jeremias Wolff (1663 [1673?] – 1724) in Augsburg. Inscribed: Jeremias Wolff Excud. Aug. Vind. 6¾ × 10 in (17 × 25.5 cm).

Jeremias Wolff, Fox Hunting


with doubts with regard to the engraver: “If some (Nagler: many) of the engravings bearing just W.’s address (‘Jer. Wolff exc.’) are by him himself cannot be decided”. Supposedly originally clockmaker he was both engraver and dealer and important art publisher up to maps “for  whom  the  best  engravers  of  his  time  worked” (all Thieme-Becker). So then also the completely exceedingly rare, here however already traded hunting set Th. 9-12 from 1723, not yet engraved by Ridinger himself, was published by him (the opening sheet of this set, “Departure for Hunting”, presently available here). – With margins of 3-8 mm and mounted by old on grey-blue laid paper. – Almost only in the upper margin foxed and in the left incl. of the platemark watermarked, both rather feeble, in the subject itself only quite isolated negligible spot-like touch.

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„ Heute konnte ich Ihre Sendung mit dem Blatt von Ridinger … entgegennehmen. Herzlichen Dank. Es ist ein schönes Exemplar. Ich werde es klassisch rahmen lassen … Ob ich mich davon schon zur Eröffnung des … Museums trennen möchte, oder es erst nach meinem Hinscheiden den Weg dorthin finden wird, ist noch nicht bestimmt. (Es sind ja da noch die anderen [3] Blätter, welche ich zuvor [anderwärts] erstanden hatte …). Vorerst werde ich mit Freude den Anblick geniessen und verbleibe mit besten Grüssen … “

(Frau E. S., 2. September 2016)


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