Hofmann, (L.). Der vollkommene Jäger mit dem Vorsteh=Hunde und sichere Schütze. (The Accomplished Hunter with  the  Pointer and Fine Shot.) 2nd, enlarged edition. Ed. by Carl Timlich (a relative of the author’s). Vienna, Tendler and v. Manstein, 1824. With

6  full-page  engraved  plates .

1 l. title, XVIII, 227 pp., 1 p. contents. Green-brown marbled contemp. boards. Marbled head edge.

Lindner 11.0981.02; Schwerdt I, 245. – This edition not in Lindner’s own Bibliotheca Tiliana. – Printed by J. P. Sollinger in Vienna. – The first edition with only 5 plates at about the same volume of text was published in 1808, a third one with only 2 plates followed in 1834.

The  market-fresh  copy

Hofmann, The Accomplished Hunter with the Pointer and Fine Shot

of  ducal  Bavarian  provenance

with its written library number “3566” on small label over an older one below at the spine. – Page 212 mispaginated “221”. – Plates 3 & 4 trimmed with slight loss of text on the right. – Pages 59/60 brown spot in the white lower margin, 202/202 tiny little ochre-colored spot affecting the text yet at the recto only, p. 215 backed old tear in the white lower margin. Minimal, almost unsuspicious scraping on the front cover, the lower corner at the back insignificantly pushed, otherwise

inside  as  outside  of  untouched  freshness .

CONTAINS  About the Pointer – About the Raising of Young Dogs (49 pp.) – About the Qualities of a Pointer and its Natural Faults – About the Conservation of the Dog – About the Seasons one can use the Pointer and their Sequence to the Order – About the Partridge – About the Pheasant – About the Quail – About the Hare – About the Wild Rabbit – About some Usual Diseases and Cure of the Dogs (18 pp., 6 of which on rabies) – About the Predaceous Animals which do the Most Harm to the Small Hunt (fox, marten, polecat, otter, weasel, hedgehog – “Always detrimental to the hunt for it is an carnivorous animal”! –, night-owl) – About the Gun and the Art to shoot (47 pp.) – About the Crow’s Hut – How one can shoot Wild Ducks by tamed ones – Catching Larks with the Mirror together with an Explanation of the Respective Engraving. – From the preface:

Hofmann, The Accomplished Hunter with the Pointer and Fine ShotHofmann, The Accomplished Hunter with the Pointer and Fine Shot (plate 5)

“ Since now there are so many dilettantes and amateurs of the hunt who are not huntsmen who have to earn their bread by it,

but  practice  the  noble  hunt  just  for  their  pleasure ;

so I think to do them a great favor by relating present small yet for the purpose of their diversion very useful and applicable treatise on the usual part of their kind of hunt, by which they are enabled, without having to seek instruction by a huntsman first, to exercise the small hunt properly, and to make the best use of their pointer. ”

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