350  Years  Old  Saxon  Enfeoffment  Deed  on  Vellum

John George II, Elector of Saxony (1613-1680, reigning since 1656). Enfeoffment deed on landed properties for Andreas Siegel in/near the Saxon Eibenstock/Sosa. German writing on vellum with rich calligraphic first line. Issued Dresden December 12, 1671. With writer’s signature Johann Georg Churfürst, followed by written ones of the electoral councilor Reinhard Dieterich, Baron von Taube and one C. Schindler along with paraphrase. 16⅝ × 23⅞ in (421 × 605 mm).

Framing-just present flat, nevertheless with the old folds for a size of c. 7⅛ × 5⅞ in (18 × 15 cm) with slight stainedness on the back and browning of almost only both the two far segments faintly shining through on face. On the latter by old hand large “12 December 1671” and small twice “1671(.)”, one of which with paled 2-lined annotation regarding the no longer present seal as ¾ × 1 in (2 × 2.5 cm) cut in the wide white lower field. Otherwise of fine freshness. – Transcription (German) enclosed.

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