Co-Founder  of  the  Family  Dynasty

of  Karlsbad  Glass  Cutters

Pfeiffer, Josef Anton (1807 Karlsbad c. 1870). Female hound with six puppies in a strawlaid shed. On the right low wooden water trough. Body color heightened with white with partial white glazing. On the back inscribed in ink by own hand: J. Anton Pfeiffer / 1825. 15¾ × 21⅝ in (40 × 55 cm).

Josef Anton Pfeiffer, Female hound with puppies

Th.-B. XXVI, 527. – Early work by Josef Anton, who together with his elder brother Anton Heinrich represents the start of the family dynasty of Karlsbad glass cutters. See hereto also Pazaurek, Gläser der Empire und Biedermeierzeit, Leipsic 1923. – Lower right in pencil by different hand: Ant. Pfeiffer 1825. – Above with narrow paper margin, else trimmed at, partly just within the borderline. At the right edge at three places traces of former mounting extending up to 5 mm into the subject.

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