Royal  Heron  Hawking

Hawking of Sun-king Louis XIV. In deeply staggered hilly picturesque woodland scenery the latter mounted front right and obviously just joined up as on the left a mounted group of three and a further huntsman give cheers for him. At the king’s side reporting mounted falconer as well as one on foot with hooded falcons on the right and left resp. Belonging to this group a further one already riding ahead, while backout in the middle distance three hunters, one of them mounted, appear from of a valley. In the air a falcon above the heron, rather on the ground five hounds in various attitude. Etching at Henri Bonnart (supposedly II; 1642 Paris 1711 [Th.-B.] or 1718 [Beall F8]). Inscribed: Chez H. Bonnart, rue S.t Jacques / avec Priuilege du Roy. 9⅜ × 12¾ in (23.7 × 32.5 cm).

Bonnart Heron Hawking Louis XIV

Rich  sheet  of  fine  format

by a supposed anonymous, although all of the extended family of the Bonnarts were engravers themselves, too. Eligible here possibly also Henri’s father, Henri I, likewise active as publisher and deceased there 1682. In various houses in the rue St. Jacques also the brothers of Henri II, Nicolas and Jean Baptiste, domiciled. – Typographic watermark. – Margin of 0.6 and 1 cm resp. on two sides each. – Three pinpoint little holes at the lower edge of subject imperceptible.

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“ I have received the copy of Schoenberg’s Harmonielehre … I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much for your help ”

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