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Aubry, Charles (France 1st h. of the 19th cent.). Chasses Anciennes d’après les Manuscrits des XIV & XVe Siècles. Set of

12 lithographs

(35-41.5 × 27-29 cm [13¾-16⅜ × 10⅝-11⅜ in]). Paris, Ch. Motte, 1837. Royal folio (21⅞ × 15¾ in [55.6 × 40 cm]). Loosely in orig. laid watermarked wrapper with illustrated lith. front cover in color. Uncut.

Charles Aubry, Chasses Anciennes d’après les Manuscrits des XIV & XVe Siècles (Chasses Anciennes)Chasses Anciennes d’après les Manuscrits des XIV & XVe SièclesCharles Aubry, Une St. Hubert (Chasses Anciennes)Une St. HubertCharles Aubry, Chasse au sanglier (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse au sanglierCharles Aubry, Chasse au cerf (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse au cerfCharles Aubry, Chasse de l’antilope au léopard (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse de l’antilope au léopardCharles Aubry, La chasse du loup (Chasses Anciennes)La chasse du loupCharles Aubry, Chasse au favcon (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse au favconCharles Aubry, Chasse au lievre à force (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse au lievre à forceCharles Aubry, Des chiens courans (Chasses Anciennes)Des chiens couransCharles Aubry, Chasse de gazelles (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse de gazellesCharles Aubry, Sous Charlemagne (Chasses Anciennes)Sous CharlemagneCharles Aubry, Chasse de l’autruche et de l’éléphant (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse de l’autruche et de l’éléphantCharles Aubry, Chasse au renard (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse au renardCharles Aubry, Chasse au lievre à force (detail) (Chasses Anciennes)Chasse au lievre à force (detail)

Thiébaud 48; Schwerdt I, 47 f. (ordinary edition as here, too); Souhart 28; Cat. Jeanson 45 (colored luxury edition); Blüchel, (The Hunt), 1996, color ills. I, 167; Lipperheide Tf 24; AKL V, 587, mixing l’Histoire de l’Equitation & Chasses Anciennes to one work, described bibliographically incorrectly, too. – On large strong paper with publishers’ dry-stamp. – Isolated small tears in the wide white margins restored acid-freely. Mostly only within the latters quite minimal brown spots and quite outside a faint tidemark. The wrapper time-marked as usual but without impairment of its illustration which is dominated by silence as well as rich happening.

As instructive as rare set

as quite in contrast to the similar 24-sheet l’Histoire de l’Equitation, from 1833/34 referred to also on the title here, qualified as “rare” by Boerner (CXII, 2296) already in 1912.

Designed in the so-called troubadour style with a main picture as total scenery and a number of instructive smaller details, explained by text strewn in. By which Aubry (“known lithographer”, Thieme-Becker) “achieved an exemplary effect in his genre. In the late work he renounced quite to this framework. 1822 professor for painting at the Ecole Royale de Cavalerie at Saumur. Produced especially hunting, genre, and military scenes in the manner of the Vernets and competed in this respect with Victor Adam, too” (AKL). – Signed and monogrammed (2) resp. in the stone throughout, 3 dated with 1835 and 1836 (2) resp.

Une St. Hubert (not in Schlieker, Die Verehrung des hl. Hubertus im Wandel der Jahrhunderte, 2016) – Chasse au sanglier – Chasse au cerf – Chasse de l’antilope au léopard – La chasse du loup – Chasse au faucon (quoting Henri de Ferrières‘ Livre du Roi Modus et de la Royne Racio from the 1370s in a vignette above right) – Chasse au lievre à force – Des chiens courans – Chasse de gazelles – Sous Charlemagne (i. a. with a splendid hunting pageant with falconers, the large pack of hounds, bears, lions and cats, partly tamed) – Chasse de l’autruche et de l’éléphant – Chasse au renard.

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