“ … yet  the  Noble  Hunt  for  the  Bear …

that  was  Man’s  Work ”

(Hermann Löns in The Heathland Hunters)

Fyt, Jan (1611 Antwerp 1661). (The Bear-Baiting.) The bear by the opening of a den hard-pressed by many hounds, but still with good chance to survive if no hunters will come along. On the right prospects over a wide river valley. Chalk lithograph by Johann Woelfle (Endersbach, Wurttemberg, 1807 – Faurndau/Göppingen 1893) for Piloty & Loehle in Munich printed with beige tone plate. (1837/51.) 10¼ × 13⅛ in (26 × 33.2 cm).

Jan Fyt, Bear Baiting

Nagler, Woelfle, 51. – Compare with Nagler XI, Piloty, 312 ff. + IV, Fyt, 539 f. – Not in Schwerdt. – On  mounted  China . – Quite faint little fox-spots on the right of the lower margin, a margin tear repaired acid-freely, otherwise impeccable. – Published within (The Most Excellent Paintings from the Royal Galleries at Munich and Schleißheim) edited by Piloty since 1834 + 1837 together with Loehle resp. “This project soon stirred general interest as the participants … developed a hitherto not achieved technical perfection” and among these are Woelfle’s main sheets:

(“Especially  fine  are  the  impressions  on  China  paper  ( as  then  here , too ) … Already in lifetime of Piloty Woelfle was one of the most outstanding workers and still present there are only a few coming up to him except Hanfstängel”)

(Nagler 1852). His reproduction here in full harmony with the original as already Nagler attested the later issues of Piloty’s Gallery Work :

(“After all one could give true and perfect imitations of the originals in which all technical problems were overcome. All the better now one could go into genius and character of the originals.”)

And so Woelfle’s lithograph here is a

lithographic  masterpiece  reflecting  the  brilliance  of  the  original .

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