Stradanus, Johannes (= Jan van der Straet, Brugge 1523 – Florence 1605). Sic Autumnali capitur peregrina Coturnix. Bird Catching. Eight men and women together with a child in picturesque landscape picking off the nets spanned across grain-fields. To the left manor, scattered further buildings. Engraving with etching. (1578.) 8⅜ × 11½ in (21.4 × 29.2 cm).

Stradanus, Bird Catching

Nagler, Stradanus, XVII, 449; Wurzbach, Philip Galle, 27; Schwerdt II, 227. – Sheet 35 of the 2nd part of Venationes ferarum … of altogether 104 – later supposedly even more – sheets, worked after Stradanus by various engravers and published by Ph. Galle (1537 Antwerp 1612). The plates, however, had been used in other compilations, too. Thus here under the removal of the still slightly recognizable number between the Latin distich. – With surrounding margin of 4-5 mm and mounted by old before previous binding on laid paper. The resulting centerfold almost visible in the white margin only. – Lower right disposed faulty spot touching the edge of the image quite minimally only.

Warm-toned impression still with plate dirt of this

instructive  early  representation .

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„ heute kam ich wieder nach Hause und fand die Bilder vor. Sie sind wohlbehalten angekommen und in einem guten Zustand … Vielen Dank für Ihre Mühe “

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