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302  Years  Old  Bavarian  Hunting  Ban

Patent of Maximilian II Emanuel Elector of Bavaria (1662-1726, accession to the throne 1680) on the comprehensive improvement of the game stock and the hunting system in Bavaria. Given in Our capital and residence city of Munich the 28th day of the month May / in the 1717th year. No place & printer (1717). Imperial folio (24 × 16½ in [61 × 42 cm]). 1 page. With large woodcut initial and wafer seal. – In German. – State Library Munich 2° Bavar. 960, VIII, 77.

Marvelously  large-sized + decorative

broadsheet  composed  of  two  joined  parts

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due to the negligible multiple folding and untrimmed wide margins with contemporary publication note (July 7, 1717) on the back. With larger and smaller watermark.

Historically  first  of  all  interesting  the reference to the electoral interregnum of 1709-1715: “… that the hunting system, ruined and come into decrease in the whole country during Our absence as everybody knows, shall be raised again and restored as much as possible …”.

Then  in  14  chapters  the  means  to  achieve  this ,

starting with a prohibition of two and one year resp. “to hunt and stalk / for red deer / and wild boar” also in the own grounds. Therefore “and to spare the hunting districts in the country / (he had)

established  a  park  next  to  Munich

where We take Our pleasure / without that elsewhere the hunting grounds would be passed through / and the game chased away”. Which should be the “ELECTORAL Deer Hunting Park not far from Munich, together included Pleasure Seats Nymphenburg and Fürstenried” as drawn by Johann Baptist Tranner in 1734 under Max Emanuel’s successor and engraved by L. Kaufman.

Patent of Maximilian II Emanuel Elector of Bavaria on the comprehensive enhancement of the game stock and the hunting system in BavariaThe nobility and gentry holding the hereditary hunting grounds are expected to join this prohibition the more so as “this way by the increasing for their the ranks’ better benefit / interest, and further pleasure / such will be replaced and produced in turn”. Also the “depopulation of the hunting grounds essentially resulted from that / that until now neither with those big hunt nor small hunt / had been paid due heed to the Hunting Orders / and hitherto issued decrees” on which from now on should be kept a serious eye on.

Also “by the shot-guns a lot has been shot to pieces / and the game much thinned out” so that “the use of the shot-guns at all small and winged game … shall be abolished / and prohibited throughout, except / a considerable supply for our court kitchen … had been ordered especially”. Excepted likewise and including their agents, however, those “other inconspicuous persons … who / by virtue of the declared sovereignty / and hitherto hunting decrees / are granted the small hunt on their estates / or otherwise to execute”.

The gauntlet is flung down to “all so-called Bassets-Chiens-Courants and Billbotten dogs / as by these the game is chased off / and almost completely exterminated”. The use of “cover or night net” is also prohibited as far as has not been expressly granted as in the circuit Aichach.

“Absolutely and completely abolished / and seriously prohibited” the hunt is with reference to the existing General Prohibition up to the decree of April 17, 1717, for “our civil servants / their clerks / as well as also … clergymen / (who are not permitted the small hunt at all) also citizens / and other common unconditioned people / why, even myrmidons and knackers”.

Special prohibition attention finally directed at the targets “put up almost all over the country at those parish farms and inns … at pleasure” as a special animation of especially mentioned circles, the putting up of which except for towns and fairs is granted only to the gentlemen and nobility for recreation and exercise on the own estate anymore.

Finally the wood beneficiaries are encouraged to keep to the forest order included in the country statutes.

As said, both by its content and optically a

broadsheet  quite  out  of  the  ordinary

of the inevitably particular enormous rarity of these wearing items. Issued finally even by that prince whose Alexander admiration should have inspired the young Ridinger for his Alexander set. See on this issue 15 – Alexander the Great 326 at the Hyphasis / Punjab – , pp. 11-15 of the ridinger publications here as well as “The Minimized Ridinger”. And on Maximilian II Emanuel in general Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie XXI, 22-27.

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„ Lieber Herr Niemeyer, vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort und Ihre Mühe! Die von Ihnen genannten Quellen (zur histor. Wolfs-Population in DE) hören sich sehr spannend an und sind sicherlich interessant für meine Arbeit … Ich freue mich sehr über Ihre Unterstützung! Herzliche Grüße aus … “

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