Cream of the Day

Johann Elias Ridinger, This Very Rare White Badger
Ridinger’s salutatory work to the Treaty of Hubertusburg 1763
Johann Elias Ridinger, This very rare white badger
which was speckled with yellow reddish and dark chestnut spots
has been dug out and hounded in the park at St. Hubertusburg (near Leipsic)
the 5th 9bris in the year of 1724

Golden Eagle
Eagle – Aquila Commune. Aquila fusca. (Golden Eagle)

Johann Elias Ridinger, Wolf consuming the Prey
Colored in attractive fitting palette
Johann Elias Ridinger, A Wolf consuming the Prey

Hermann Menzler, Johann Elias Ridinger's Hunting Album
Documentary Cross-Section of Ridinger’s Œuvre
in Moreover Optically quite Particular-Fine Garb
Hermann Menzler, Johann Elias Ridinger’s Hunting Album

Cornelis Cort, Saint Hubert
The first graphic St. Hubert of wall-fitting large format :
Cornelis Cort, Saint Hubert

Martin Elias Ridinger, Axis Deer
“… drawn from life in 1774”
Martin Elias Ridinger, On this sheet are presented a couple illustrations of Asian deer …

Hendrik Verschuring, Resting Hunters
“They figure on the better sheets only”
Large-sized drawing with both the stamps
of the collection Friedrich Quiring, Eberswalde :
Hendrik Verschuring, Resting Hunters & Falconers
with their Hounds in front of an Inn

Seyfert, The Darmstadt Tusker of 1765
Years Boar Dead
in atmospheric mise-en-scène of a winter day drawing to a close
Eligius (Eloy) Baron von Seyfert, The Darmstadt Tusker of 1765
Immediate copy after Georg Adam Eger’s lost painting

Samuel Howitt, Shooting a Hyena
In the original coloring from Foreign Field Sports :
Samuel Howitt, Shooting the Hyæna

Eugen Krüger, Foxes
Of greatest rarity :
Eugen Krüger, Foxes at the Earth

to the catalog …

Der hiesige Weihnachts-/Neujahrsgruß 2005 endete mit „In diesem Sinne recht schöne Weihnachtstage voll Harmonie und sammlungszugewandter Muße … “ , letzterer Wunsch in einer Grußerwiederung aufgegriffen wurde mit den Worten

„ das Gutwort des Jahres – sammlungszugewandte Muße – wunderbar, hab einigen LBA/Goethefreunden dieses Gutwort genannt. Sie haben in einer verwahrlosten Zeit ein ‚linguistisches Gespür’! “

(Herr R. K., 5. Januar 2006)


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