Burial of Military Horses Fallen on the Street

Circular (672-208) of the Imperial and Royal District Authority Klagenfurt, Regarding the burial of military horses fallen on the street. Given Klagenfurt March 10, 1810. No place & printer (1810). Sm. fol. 1 sheet. With the printed signatures of Franz Xaver v. Fradeneck + Wolfgang Edler von Wolf.

Frameworthy  broadsheet . – In accordance with highest court chancellery decree of January 9 of the same year. Ordering, “that, in so far as on the way, horses of hauliers fall, and are skinned by the hauliers’ hands, the carcasses have to be buried anywhere in proper depth; if, however, the own skinning of the fallen horses … may not be expedient, the horse fallen on the way should be reported to the nearest authority, so that the digging in of the carcass by the knacker shall be effected without fail against cession of the skin”. – On slightly grey laid paper. – Written number upper right, likewise the acknowledgement of receipt on the back, the latter showing through on the face just little impairingly. – Two sides slightly cut.

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