Circular regarding Designation of Coin Treasures

Circular (P.Z. 3708/2-41) of the Imperial and Royal District Authority of the V.U.M.B. (=Viertel unter dem Manhartsberg, Lower Austria) regarding the exact designation of discovered treasures. Given Kornneuburg March 30, 1837. No place & printer, (1837). Sm. fol. 1 sheet. With printed signature of the district commissioner Anton Weinberger “In the absence of the Mr. District Captain”.

In German. – Frameworthy  broadsheet . – Referring to the decrees of the chambers of administration and court resp. of Feb. 13 and Jan. 1 resp. that year it so happened “that on behalf of an exact bookkeeping registration the mere designation of the little packages and bags wherein the mentioned objects are contained, even with an intact state of the sealed bags and packages, is not sufficient”, so that in accordance with circular of Aug. 8, 1816, “it is to be proceeded with more exactness, particularly with reference to coins … the number of the pieces, their weight … may they be gold silver or copper coins” is to be registered exactly. – On laid paper partly feebly foxspotted predominantly in the white margin only.

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