For  the  old  or  the  raised  new  Price ,

if  only  “there  is  anytime  sufficient  supply

of  good  stout  Beer  available !”

Decree of Charles I, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (1713-1780) “because of the present extremely expensive cereals purchase” allowing a rise in beer prices up to Michaelmas 1761 since “We were pointed out by our princely servants as well as the brewers in the towns that otherwise they are not able … to continue … brewing”. Published Wolfenbüttel November 3, 1760. Without place & printer (1760). 13½ × 16½ in (34.2 × 41.8 cm). 1 page. With large woodcut initial with the freely jumping horse of Lower Saxony under the ducal crown now without escutcheon. With the ducal signature printed together with the L(oco) S(igilli) mark and that of A. A. v. Cramm.

Framing-worthy  Broadsheet  meant  for  the  billboards

of unused freshness on untrimmed handmade paper with margins of 4-7 cm with two figurative watermarks.

Decree on beer supply + price raise

Contrary to those decrees of May 28, 1740, Nov. 14, 1761 + Feb. 27, 1766 this time the brewers “are free … to sell the beer also at the price usual until now”. But woe to those where “by this or that way a shortage of or deficiency with beer may be found!”.

On Charles, nephew of the Emperor Charles VI, brother-in-law of Frederick the Great, founder of the Collegium Carolinum, governing since 1735, see ADB XV, 266 ff.

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