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Decree of Charles I, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (1713-1780) re-establishing everything around beer “just after publication … the former state … since now the prices for wheat and barley have sunken so far that beer and weissbeer prices can again be set on just the level as was before the last war”. Within a fortnight after publication “a full report is to be made to avoid a fine of twenty dollar”. Published Brunswick August 28, 1764. Without place & printer (1764). 13⅝ × 16¾ in (34.5 × 42.6 cm). 1 page. With large woodcut initial with the freely jumping horse of Lower Saxony under the ducal crown. With the ducal signature printed together with the L(oco) S(igilli) mark and that of J. H. v. Bötticher.

Framing-worthy  Broadsheet  meant  for  the  Billboards

of almost unused freshness on untrimmed handmade paper with broad margins of 2-7 cm with large figurative watermarks. – Duplicate of the Rare Book Collection of a British library with their stamp on the back along with handwritten double-note. – Centerfold lightly browned.

Decree lifting exceptions for beer

Speaking of barley and wheat purchase see also the decree of Dec. 18, 1741 that allows barley as substitute for wheat because of its price increases only.

On Charles, nephew of the Emperor Charles VI, brother-in-law of Frederick the Great, founder of the Collegium Carolinum, governing since 1735, see ADB XV, 266 ff.

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