Public Notice regarding Medical Cordon (Laibach October 12, 1831)

Public Notice (2372) of the imperial-royal provincial medical commission of Illyria at Laibach of October 12, 1831 regarding the decision of the papal government to erect a medical cordon on the border of Ferrara towards the Lombardian-Venetian kingdom which will become effective along the Po in a few days. So as has been published by the imperial-royal Venetian provincial government. No place/printer, (1831). Sm. fol. 1 p. With printed signature by Joseph Camillo Frhr. v. Schmidburg as governor and president of the sanitary commission.

“ In the special regard to the most reassuring state of health this cordon connected with the measures established within the Papal States … will not be connected with all those severe precautions and formalities that dangerous medical conditions require indispensably. ”

Regulating furthermore the passing options into the Papal States, especially, too, “into the papal harbours (letter-spacing in the original) from Istria including Trieste”. – Framing-attractive broadsheet on laid paper uncut on three sides.

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