Some  Day  Your  Children , Your  Grandchildren  Marry.

And  for  this  here  the  Conversation  of  that  Day.

As  final

Heirloom  from  Generation  to  Generation.

Just as a private Bible. But incomparably rarer. And forever connected

with  Your  Name  as  that  of the  Sponsor:


415  Years  Old

German  Wedding  Regulations

as  together  a  Cultural-Historical  Top  Item

for  Custom  +  Bad  Habits  in  the  Public  House

Decree by Heinrich Julius Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (1564-1613, accession to the throne 1589) concerning the procedure of wedding celebrations. Given Gröningen near Halberstadt December 28, 1604. No place & printer, c. 1604. 1 page. With large woodcut initial. 20 × 14⅞ in (50.8 × 37.7 cm).

Thematically  eminently  rare

quite  remarkably  early  broadsheet

enacted on occasion of a marriage celebration turned rowdy seen with full ducal rage

“with  Our  own  eyes ”

at the ducal New Inn (in Gröningen?). The description of that followed by a regulation of 9 chapters not just describing

how  a  marriage  celebration  should  not  be ,

but , rather , what  scale  it  should  have  at  all

and what staff is needed for this. And for anyone the highest wage is fixed. Up to 2 Margroschen per bushel of wheat and one per bushel of rye for the miller and his hands for “the pains taken for milling the wedding rye and wheat”.

Wedding Regulation of 1604

And for the observance of all this against anybody finally inspectors and commissioners are urged and enjoined to have

“ This  Our  order  also  for  anybody’s  information

printed  publicly  announced  and  posted  up  at  our  New  Public  House . ”

That determination for using up these broadsheets owe their extraordinary rarity and the fact now, according to the ownership, grieving, now highly satisfying the collector that “they … are preserved almost only

in  few  copies

and by chance” (Bohatta). With these usually – so here, too – not having been used up on the bulletin boards, but being very well preserved voucher copies. Present one with two folds and remaining fold strip as sign of its preservation within an omnibus volume for which the lower margin, needless for at least 3.5 cm, had been trimmed under supposed loss of the printed signature with the printed L(oco) S(igilli) stamp. Here thus ending with

“ Given  on  Our  House  Grüningen  under  Our

Princely  initials  and  seal , the  28th  Decembris  Anno. 1604. ”

Followed by white margin of 2 cm. – The print itself on two sheets joined seamlessly and from the front practically invisibly, each with rich though not sufficiently identifiable watermark of about 5⅛ × 3½ in (13 × 9 cm) whose ornaments show characteristics of marks locally proven in the last quarter of the 16th century. E.g. those of Briquet 1982 f. + 19539, 10541 and for a possible lion’s tail tuft elsewhere (Vosges Mountains, Brussels, Wurttemberg) 10565/67 + 10569. – Uniformly slightly toned, weak little brown spot in the first paragraph, small tear in the white upper margin of the fold backed acid-freely.

In the author residing in Gröningen with its famous Renaissance organ by David Beck with its 56 stops (color ills. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 9, 22, 2007) in the chapel of the then castle though we meet

“ one  of  the  most  active  sovereigns  of  the  house  of  Brunswick

and  undisputedly  the  most  learned  prince  of  his  age ”

(F. Spehr in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie XI, 500 ff.).

Postulated for the episcopate Halberstadt at an age of only two years – so here, too, and still before the ducal dignity “Postulated Bishop of the Convent Halberstadt” – , he received “with his brothers a part of his education in the convent house at Gröningen”, by which with the present decree the wheel charmingly comes full circle. Known for his splendid household death met him appropriately in the course of a carouse in Prague. Obviously he not remembered his warning in his edict here addressing those servants carrying messages for their marriage banqueting masters to “refrain from getting drunk”.

Not least then under this so human aspect, too, round about a

really  grand  and  unique  suspension

for which the framing-ready, acid-free decorative passepartout is included, too. And whose thematic rareness, it may be repeated, goes far beyond the general one of the broadsheet :

Since decades obliged to European statutes and proclamations as witnesses of the shaped everyday life, hundreds of these passed through here, but

for  the  first  time  now  a  marriage  decree !

That it is altogether one of the earliest should augment your pride to own it by the i-dot highly contested by the connoisseurs.

Congratulations  beforehand !

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The visit with you was a pleasure and so nice to meet you in person … The advise and first pass evaluation you gave us were realistic and appreciated … ”

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