Decree of Maximilian Joseph, regarding printing inks (Munich July 8, 1751)

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An  Old  Printing  Ink  Decree

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Decree Maximilian (III) Joseph, Elector of Bavaria (in Upper and Lower Bavaria, Duke of the Upper Palatinate, too / Palatinate Count at Rhine …), outlawing the imports of foreign printing inks. Published Munich July 8, 1751. Without place & printer (1751). Sm. fol. 1 p. With printed signatures of the Commercial Council and the secretary Joh. Jac. Miller.

“ After here Johann Jacob Morscher produces and sells on easy terms such a good blacking

for  copper  and  picture  printing ,

then Indian inks as well for outlines and other drawings as

for  book  printing , too ,

so it is absolutely necessary

to  outlaw  the  foreign  suchlike  blacking

at forfeiture of its actual confiscation … ”

In course of which it should be done with a warning at the first time. – On two-sided untrimmed laid paper with old office note in the white upper margin. The untrimmed right margin above 10 cm fraid maring only quite a little, the outer lower margin quite weakly foxing.

FRAMING-FINE  BROADSHEET  of general rareness as such, but thematically a scarceness of degree. Though suchlike here at all times especially is accustomed, this is the first decree regarding printing inks in the 60-year-old offer here.

With Maximilian III Joseph (1727-1777, son of Elector Karl Albert, the luckless Emperor Karl VII, whom he succeeded as elector in 1745, married to Anna Maria of Saxony) the Bavarian younger Wittelsbach line passed, succeeded by its Palatinate line with Karl Theodor. His popularity was, so Heigel in ADB, of rare quality. During the 1770 famine he sentenced to death corn usurers, “at the same time letting shoot all game even in his deer gardens and pledging his jewelry to be able to buy corn in the Netherlands at once … The voice of people gave him the nickname of the ‘much beloved’”.

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