Circular by the Imperial and Royal State Government in the Archduchy Austria below the Enns, concerning the dissolution of the I&R Tobacco and Stamp Duties Administration and the establishing of an I&R Tobacco Works Admistration. Given Vienna Dec. 18, 1834. Without printer and place, c. 1834. Sm. in-2. 1 l. With the printed signatures of Joh. Talatzko Frhr. von Gestieticz and Joseph Felner.

Circular regarding establishment of a Tobacco Works Administration

Broadsheet  worth  for  framing. – Publishing the Court Decrees of May 16 and Dec. 11, 1834, according to which by Feb. 1, 1835, “The new Tobacco Works Administration … as an independent authority for the direction and supervision of all tobacco works in the German provinces” starts operation while the other administration shuts down. Nevertheless “The business of the tobacco retail and the stamp duty, just as the decision in view of a violation of both duties … are reserved to the Chamber Duties Administrations according to their respective areas of operation”.

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