Circular regarding Locksmiths (Graz November 18, 1819)

Circular (no. 17961) of the Imperial and Royal District Authority Graz, By which it is made known that from now on the locksmith’s trade has to be reckoned with the commercial trade allowances. Given Graz November 18, 1819. No place & printer, (1819). Sm. fol. 1 sheet. With printed signature of Franz Edler von Werner and the district secretary.

Framing-fine  broadsheet . – Statute  with  practical  reference , removing the differentiation made in 1785 “for all steel and iron workers for the neglect of the disadvantageous restriction of the guilds” between fancy and common locksmith, by which “the former are reckoned with the precision and steel locksmiths, the common locksmiths, however, with the iron, lock, and sheet-metal smiths”, since “linked with several difficulties and inconveniences … and actually it lies in the principles of the commercial trade direction to abolish all vague borderlines in all branches of occupation and earning impeding the industry – after a special case gave rise to this – … and thus every tradesman of this kind is to be allowed without exception the production of both common as artistic locksmith’s wares”. It is referred to the pertinent decree of the commercial court commission of Oct. 20, 1818, (no. 2838-1006), just as to the government decree of the 3rd of this month, no. 25053, according to which the common locksmiths, counting among the police trades by court decree of May 5, 1809, “henceforth are to be treated by the principles laid down for the commercial trade”.

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